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5 Kitchen Layout Ideas to Consider Before You Renovate

5 Kitchen Layout Ideas to Consider Before You Renovate

When you begin to think about renovating your kitchen there are so many things that you don’t realize can affect the project. When thinking about what you want to do it is important to look into the budget that you have available before anything else and then progress onto researching what you want the space to look like. To help you with your research below are several ideas to consider before you begin your kitchen renovation.


Contacting Contractors

Undertaking a remodel can be daunting, especially if you have never done it before and the work requires specialist knowledge. It is why a lot of people talk to contractors because they will be able to offer insight that you might not necessarily think about. It is best to look into local contractors as they will already have contacts where you are, so for example if you live in Sacramento, it is best to look into contractors for kitchen remodeling in Sacramento.


Kitchen Shape

The shape of your kitchen contributes a lot to the layout options you have available to you unless you are planning on an extension or a similar renovation. For example, in a lot of older homes, the kitchen looks almost like a corridor, which is referred to as a “Galley Kitchen”. While the “Galley Kitchen” can seem rather closed in, it does suit people who wish to have additional storage and is what best suits that shape of the room. If you are looking into a “U-shaped kitchen”, which is one of the options for an open plan kitchen, it uses all three of the walls that are in the room. It is wise to look into the layout options that are available for your kitchen shape before planning any changes to the layout.



Making the most of the space available to you is one of the key things to think about when planning a renovation, particularly for your kitchen. For homes that have very little space available to them, there is the option of having what is referred to as a “One-wall Kitchen”, this is where all of the cabinets and appliances that you need are located along one wall so that you have space for everything else in the rest of the room.

You can beautify your kitchen space with plants. That will add some greenery in the scenery of your kitchen and will give a healthy look. To grow plants inside you might need some extra help from the internet, especially since you are going to need to use led grow lights.


Open Plan Layout

A popular home layout currently is to have an open plan kitchen/lounge. This can open up several layout designs to you as there are different ways that you can separate the spaces if that is what you would like. A lot of these layouts involve the use of an island or counter so that you have the additional work surfaces. If you are having an open plan kitchen you can look into a “Peninsula Kitchen” layout, which is similar to the “U-shaped Kitchen” but has the addition of a counter or eating space along part of where the fourth wall would be.


Counter Space and Storage

A popular option when considering a kitchen layout that will increase your counter space and potentially your storage is to include an island. What is on this island is entirely up to the person who is designing the kitchen, and sometimes the person responsible for the plumbing if that is where you want to place the sink. There is always the option for adding under-counter storage to your island and turning it into a workplace or additional eating area should you wish to use it as such. Even if you aren’t adding an island to your kitchen’s layout, you should take into consideration how much counter space and storage you will require because, especially in a kitchen, there is always a need for storing utensils, pots, and pans so that the workspace isn’t overcrowded.

If you think that using a designed kitchen is not the right option for you, you can read more on unassembled cabinets and see if that fits your needs more. That will affect your storage space as well and you can see things more clearly on how you want your kitchen to look.


Final Words

So, whenever you are planning a kitchen renovation it is important to think about what you want out of the layout of the room before you begin. If you are unsure what would best suit your space then it is advisable to check with a professional, but otherwise, you’ll need to think about the amount of storage you require and the space that is available for you to work with.

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