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5 Tips for Keeping Kitchen And Bathroom Drain Clean

5 Tips for Keeping Kitchen And Bathroom Drain Clean

The kitchen and toilet are two parts of the house that seem different yet have striking similarities. For starters, the kitchen and bathroom are two places people check when looking to rent or buy a house. Water is also used to a large extent in these two places, so you must always observe proper hygiene. One way to observe proper hygiene in the kitchen and bathroom is to ensure your drains are always clean. Clogged drainage can become a breeding ground for disease-causing insects, and you can implement the following tips to ensure that your kitchen and bathroom drains are always clean.


  1. Hire a drain line cleaning company:
    Cleaning your bathroom and kitchen drain can be stressful and tedious. Moreover, most of the cleaning tools available in local stores cannot effectively do comprehensive cleaning. Buying the necessary tools for thorough cleaning is a bit upscale, so it is better to hire a cleaning company to help you handle your drains. You can always find a drain line cleaning company in Austin or anywhere you reside that clears your drainage and check your pipes. Drain cleaning companies are reliable because they have experienced and efficient professionals that conduct hydrostatic tests with the best equipment. Starr Sewage and Drainage, for example, even provides an independently certified engineer to inspect the project once the plumbing repairs have been completed by their workers. In very few situations, you might need to vacate your house while the cleaning process is going on. This might take a day or two, but these are extreme cases, and the cleaning company will always let you know beforehand. Flexible payment plans that allow you to pay at the project's beginning, middle, and end are also available.

  2. Keep solid substances out:

    Solid substances are the main things that clog drains in the kitchen or bathroom. Things like fruit peels, eggshells, and nylons can cause blockage in the kitchen sink. Shaving cream, bar soap, hair, and toothpaste can cause the bathroom drain to clog. Try to keep these things out of the kitchen and bathroom sink as much as possible. Instead of shaving your beard directly over the sink, you can lay down a hand towel to catch trimmed hairs and dispose of it in the trash can. You can also place a trash can in the kitchen to quickly dispose of debris.

  3. Filter out grease clogs:
    The use of vegetable oil is inevitable in the kitchen area. When your kitchen sink is blocked, you must clear out the grease clogs. All you have to do is pour some amount of dish wash directly into the kitchen sink and add hot boiling water to it. The dish wash will dissolve the grease and oil while the hot water will help to flush it away. If the grease build-up is significant, you can repeat this process two or three more times.

  4. Employ DIY methods:
    Try as much as possible to keep your kitchen and bathroom drain clean by employing do-it-yourself methods. Once a week, pour a tablespoon of salt or ¼ cup of white vinegar into the bathroom drain. Leave the drain for some time, maybe 30 to 40 minutes, then pour hot boiling water to clear it out. For the kitchen, you can pour half a cup of baking soda into the sink and then follow it with hot water after 10 to 15 minutes to dissolve oil or other substances in the sink. Doing these tasks can save you a lot of stress and the money you will pay a plumber if a significant blockage occurs.

  5. Put a filter in your sink:
    Putting a kitchen strainer in your sink will prevent debris from falling into the kitchen sink and eventually clogging it. Once the water is out, the debris will remain in the strainer, and you can easily scoop it into the trash can. Similarly, you can get a hair catcher for your shower or tub. This will help to catch hair or soap before it falls into your shower drain and clog it up.

A clogged drain can make your kitchen and bathroom uncomfortable to use. You should maintain your drains and clear them out as often as possible. You can also get a cleaning company to do the job if it is too stressful or you do not have the time for a major cleaning.


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