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The Benefits of a Florida Carport for Fall

Carports can provide extra storage space, security and shade for your car… and they’re worth considering this fall! A carport is a great addition to any Florida home, and it’s easy to get one in your driveway or outdoor space. Read on to find out how a carport may benefit you this fall:

Shade from the Florida sun

Even though we’re heading into fall, the bright Florida sun can still make your car quite hot during the afternoon. By parking it under a carport, you can keep it in the shade and prevent that familiar “ouch!” when you step into the car and reach for the seatbelt.

Added security

While a carport may not have physical doors to keep out unwelcome guests, it can still help to keep your car safe and protected. Its physical proximity to your home can make outsiders less willing to get too close… and that’s definitely a good thing.

Potential for storage space

Even if your carport doesn’t come with walls, it can provide you with great potential for added storage. Keep bikes chained to the posts of your carport. If your carport is located near the back of your home, you may even want to use it as a sort of free standing “shed,” where you can keep gardening supplies, kids’ toys and other outdoor items.

Instant entertaining

If your home’s patio isn’t large enough to accommodate guests, or you just want an added space to relax and spend time outdoors, a carport may be the best (and easiest) way to accomplish that. You can place a table and comfy outdoor chairs under your carport’s roof—during warm days or small rain showers, you’ll still be able to enjoy being outdoors with friends and family! With all the time we Floridians spend outside during this season, installing a carport now is a great decision.

Holiday lighting made easy

This is a small consideration… but with fall and the holidays soon approaching, it’s never too early to start thinking about your holiday lighting! The roof and supporting posts of your Florida carport are the perfect place to hang your holiday light displays from this winter.

The convenience factor

If your home doesn’t have an adequate garage, or you just want to expedite the parking process, nothing is more convenient than a carport. You can store your car outdoors and have all the benefits of shade and shelter from storms… but when it’s time to park or pull out, there’s no opening or closing to worry about. Just hop in and drive!

This fall, consider adding a carport to your Florida home. The ease of access, shelter and added space a carport can bring to your home make it a great investment that can pay off over time. If you have any questions about our carports or how they might work with your home, please give us a call at 1(888)474-5884—and you may soon be on your way to a carport of your own!

The Benefits of a Florida Carport for Fall

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