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Optimizing Your Florida Screen Room

This summer, you can probably count on spending a lot of time in your home’s screen room. What better place is there for relaxing on a warm summer afternoon or evening, spending time with friends and family and not having to worry about bugs or rain? And there are a few ideas you can try that will make your screen room experience even better.

The biggest thing to remember when getting your screen room ready for summer? Comfort is key! Screen rooms exist to serve as an extension of our indoor entertaining space into the outdoors, so staying cool during hot summer months is important. Installing outdoor ceiling fans can in your screen room is one way to do this that will provide some much-needed relief during extra hot days. If you notice that direct sunlight shining into your screen room is causing overheating, you can think about planting trees right around the room’s borders that will help provide shade, which can cool an area substantially.

After you’ve made sure that your screen room’s temperature is comfortable for guests, look to where they will sit, eat and relax—make sure you’ve got the right furniture for the space! Opt for comfortable, durable pieces like oversized armchairs. If you pick a wicker option, be sure to cover it with a comfy cushion to make your screen room’s furniture as comfy and relaxing as your living room set.

Decorations are something to consider as well. While you don’t necessarily want to adorn your screen room with family photos and trinkets, a few touches of style can definitely make the space feel more like the rest of your home. A floor vase, a couple of patterned pillows or even a few coffee table books can add comfort to your indoor-outdoor space.

As with any entertaining space, you can probably expect many meals to come and go in your screen room. You may want to store a small amount of snacks and cool drinks you know you’ll use while entertaining—you can store the drinks in a small refrigerator, and repurpose an old night table or chest as a place to store any snacks. Next time you’re enjoying your time outside, you won’t have to keep running inside to replenish!

Finally, you might want to consider using part of your screen room as a storage spot for small outdoor toys or other things that you need easy, quick access to during your time outside. Rollerblades, bike helmets and other items can fit easily into an outdoor toy chest, if you have a corner or other space for it in your screen room.

Do you not have a screen room in your own home yet? Summer is the time to add one! And the good news is that building one to meet your home and family’s needs does not have to be a long process. Since all you’re adding is the aluminum posts, screen and roof (if you don’t have an overhanging roof already in place), construction is minimal compared to other projects. Get started on yours today! Just call 1(888) 474-5884 and we’ll be happy to help.

Optimizing Your Florida Screen Room

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