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Mini Home Makeover: Small Ways to Make a Big Impact

For many homeowners, the arrival of spring indicates a need for change—whether that means a change of scenery, a switch-up of your daily routine, or something else entirely. If your need for change includes making over your home—but you don’t have the time or resources to pursue a large scale project—there are easy, effective ways to accomplish that. We’re looking at just a few of them in today’s blog.

Re-theme your bedroom, kitchen or living space

Changing the theme of just one room—a bedroom, kitchen, living room, etc.—can drastically improve the look and feel of your home as a whole… and fortunately, it’s not hard to do! You can reimagine the theme of a space by turning it into the coastal, rustic, cottage, modern or traditional escape of your dreams. Focus on details like furniture, textures, accents and wall décor to achieve a big effect in a small way.

Upgrade your flooring

If your home’s flooring has seen better days, consider updating it for an option that better suits your needs and fits in with your ideal style. This might mean switching your carpet for tile or hardwood (or vice versa) or updating old, outdated floor panels with newer versions. This is one change that can alter the overall look and feel of your home, so choose something you love that fits in with your family’s lifestyle.

Switch out furniture

You don’t need to redo an entire room to make an impact. Start small by switching out old or no-longer-functional pieces of furniture for newer ones. Whether you upgrade your family room sofa set or improve your home office with a bigger, more effective desk, you will be making a simple change that makes all the difference.

Rethink your layout

To achieve a big change in the look and feel of your space, you might not need to purchase anything at all! Before investing in a big project, consider simply switching around the layout of furniture in a specific spot. You may be used to having your sofa, TV set and coffee table in a certain place, for example, but don’t be afraid to find new ways to arrange your everyday pieces. You may find a layout that works even better than the original!

Use paint in an unexpected way

Painting your walls can be a great way to achieve a stylistic change in your home—but don’t feel the need to keep your paint on the walls themselves. Consider adding pops of color to your kitchen backsplash, for example, or using paint to breathe new life into an old coffee table or mantel. These small changes are easy to make and can be surprisingly impactful.

Dress up your walls

Add life to your walls by hanging up abstract décor pieces, or even favorite family photos if you haven’t already. Doing so can transform your current bedroom, kitchen or living space into a more personal, comfortable place to spend time in.

Improve your home’s organization

Finding ways to improve your home’s organization may be one of the best things you can do this spring. New organization may or may not make a big change visually, but it can certainly make all the difference when it comes to the enjoyment and functionality of your home… and isn’t that what makeovers are all about?

We hope that today’s blog helps you find and complete the mini home makeover your home’s been waiting for. If we can help at any step of the process, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Mini Home Makeover: Small Ways to Make a Big Impact

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