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In Florida, Impact Windows for Your Home Crucial as Summer Gets Closer

Maybe you’ve been told they’re important—impact windows are becoming more mainstream as the standard option of newly built homes and are often taking the place of subpar windows in older ones. But these windows are for more than a home makeover. They are crucial, especially come hurricane season, to the price protection and wellbeing of your home.

Of course it’s only March, but in Florida there’s still plenty of reason to be prepared. With summer comes the chance for big summer storms and potentially dangerous hurricanes, so by installing windows now you’re taking a proactive step towards protecting your home—and its value.

During a hurricane, any open entry into a home can be dangerous (high winds outside and an open window or door can cause a difference in outside and inside pressures, leading to structural damage). So of course, we use hurricane shutters. But if you’re going to need protection on your windows anyway, why not consider the more cost effective option?

Impact windows add to the value of your home, depending on what kind you choose and how many you install. They can also make you eligible for tax credits and insurance discounts, and often do not cost drastically more than lower-level options.

And don’t forget—impact windows are not a seasonal purchase. When you buy them, you buy them for life, and they can protect your home from burglaries, severe storms, and other potentially harmful accidents. Consider installing these windows before summer (and hurricane season) is a bit too close for comfort.

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