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Florida Impact Windows: Not Just for Summer

As the summertime slowly draws to a close, you may be focusing on getting your home ready for fall. This can include any number of things, from decking our your front porch in orange and red to adding comfy pillows and throw blankets to your living space. What may not be on most homeowners’ to-do lists (but should be!): impact windows. While these windows provide excellent protection against summer storms here in Florida, they can benefit you all year long. Read on to find out how.

A constant need

One of the biggest reasons homeowners are hesitant about installing impact windows in fall is that they don’t think they need them anymore! As the summer and all of its big storms come to a close, many homeowners will decide to put off updating their windows until next year. Are they right?

While hurricane season does come to an end, in ends much later than many people think—November 30th! So even if the weather outside says fall or even winter, there is still a chance of a storm developing late in the season… and if one does, you can count on impact windows to protect both you and your home!

Even outside the span of hurricane season, violent thunderstorms can sometimes damage old, outdated windows. Additionally, impact windows can protect your home from security risks as well (since they aren’t as susceptible to breakage). For these reasons, impact windows can keep your home safe from weather and other risks all year long.

Financial savings

If you live in a nice, spacious home, you probably love the luxurious feel and comfort you’re afforded. What you might not love are the high energy costs that go hand in hand with maintaining such a large home! Replacing your current windows with impact resistant ones is one way to cut down on hefty energy bills—these types of windows won’t let your home get too cold or too hot. Because air isn’t able to escape (or come in) through less secure window openings, the temperature you set your thermostat at is the temperature your home stays… which as you may have guessed, can save you lots of money on heating and cooling your home throughout the year. So don’t feel the need to cover up those big, beautiful windows to keep your home at a good temperature… open up and enjoy the view!

Insurance discounts

If you replace your home’s windows with impact resistant ones, your insurance company may offer you a discount for doing so—just another way to cut down on high costs!

More peaceful atmosphere

Many Florida homeowners complain that they’re constantly hearing traffic or pedestrian noise from outside their homes. Impact windows, which are much thicker and more secure than traditional windows, can cut down on unwanted sounds significantly.

As you can see, upgrading to impact resistant windows isn’t just a great idea for the summer months. Be sure to contact us at 1(888)474-5884 if you have any questions about cost, the replacement process, or impact windows in general!

Florida Impact Windows: Not Just for Summer

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