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Celebrating Lawn and Garden Month: 5 Fresh Takes on the Traditional Garden

Celebrating Lawn and Garden Month: 5 Fresh Takes on the Traditional Garden

April fully ushers us into the springtime, paving the way for long days spent outdoors and lush lawns and gardens, vibrant and impossible to miss. 

Is your garden ready for the months ahead? If not, don't feel the need to stick to tradition--try one of these five fresh takes on gardening!

Succulent space

A popular feature of the "xeriscape" (a landscape made for dry, arid regions) is the presence of succulents. They're hardy and enjoy light, but don't need lots of water, making it a natural no-fuss option or something to consider for those looking to cut down on water use. Plus, they're just fun to look at!

In addition to planting larger succulents into the ground, you can invest in a set of smaller, potted succulents that can simply line the windows of your sunroom or other space in your house. They will provide a wash of earthiness that can complement even the most modern, cutting-edge of homes.

Vertical wonder

For a fun way to turn the tables on traditional gardening (and make the most of your outdoor space in the process), why not work upwards? Vertical gardens made with vines and other plants that can grow upward--not laterally--are worth considering for those tight on space, or those who want to surround their outdoor area wall-to-wall with natural vibrancy.

Rain garden beauty

We've talked about the manifold benefits of rain gardens--the green spaces that accumulate rainwater on the lower levels of your property. But these gardens don't just serve a functional purpose! They, too, can be dressed up and crafted to serve as colorful displays of your backyard best. Be sure to use options such as mulch in addition to regular soil, so as to help the garden retain water and make the most of natural irrigation.

Unconventional planters

Old bikes. Watering cans. Sauce tins. You name it--just about anything lying around in your home or garage can be turned into a "vintage-style" planter for your flowers to grow from! You can add a fresh coat of paint or leave those objects as-is for a fun, whimsical look.

Sunroom hideaway

Your garden doesn't need to exist solely outside of your home. Continue the explosion of greenery inside, too, by decking out your sunroom in light-loving plants who will thrive surrounded by the panoramic windows of your space.

If you have a green thumb, you can't go wrong with one of these enticing ideas that are sure to "wow" friends and family. Share your own unconventional garden ideas with us below!

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