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Florida Rooms - Springing Into Color... Gracefully

Every year, style and home websites place their pick for the year’s trendiest colors—some say turquoise, others point to toned down pastels. No matter what shade sways you, there’s always a way to make your favorite color blend in with the rest of your home, and at little cost to you.

The most important thing to remember when picking out your Florida room spring colors: don’t go overboard. Whether you chose bright pink or a dark navy, you’ll want to ease into it before going paint-happy on the walls. For a more lasting and changeable look that can grow with you and your home, apply hot colors as accents, not dominant colors. The pizzazz will show through regardless.

Of course, no one’s saying you need white walls and minimal colors on your furniture. But if you’re an adventurous decorator who likes to change décor like the seasons, only apply big color-changes with shades you know you’ll stick to for a while.

That being said—what colors work in what ways?

Light, airy shades—sky blues, minty greens—work great in spaces where you want a feeling of openness, calmness and light. These colors are especially versatile because they can serve as neutral backdrops for more daring ventures down the road.

Bright red-oranges and similar colors can work wonders in an otherwise neutral kitchen or living space, especially as an accent wall or backsplash.

It may seem counterintuitive—but don’t be afraid to go gray this spring! Use warm shades of the color in bright, open spaces, like a sunroom or playroom. It serves the purpose of a blank canvas for accented pillows or vintage furniture pieces, without the clinical-like quality white sometimes has.


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