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Bay Windows: A Classic Touch for Your Florida Home

The bay window trend is one of our favorites. Not only do these large, multi-dimensional structures add sophistication and a “wow” factor to the outside of your home, they let in light from all angles, creating a truly airy and bright feel on the inside. You might already have these Victorian-style windows in your home and just want to spruce them up—or maybe you’re ready to ditch your old windows altogether and are interested in this trend to start fresh. Either way, we have the tools to help.

Why a bay window?

Just like with any custom window, the bay window serves to add life to the outside of your home while filtering light in. If you’re starting anew and want to replace your traditional window with a bay one, you’re adding square footage to your home and gaining a one-of-a-kind nook for reading by natural light or having your morning coffee, to name a couple of things. You’re also adding value to your home—a bay window can set your home apart from others on the block, and can transform a small or awkward room into a much-desired spot.

Customizing 101

Even if you already have a bay window, you might not be taking full advantage of its unique look and space-adding properties. We love to see bay windows:

  • in kids rooms with window seats for comfy reading
  • as the backdrop for a formal dining room
  • in home libraries for an extra dose of natural light
  • in a cozy kitchen breakfast nook
  • overlooking a backyard pool

As for window treatments, one modern look includes using Roman shades, which can be pulled up when you want more light and pulled down when you want less—without sacrificing style and texture. You can also opt for the traditional silk or drapery panels—either one can be a statement!

Bay windows are a good fit for any home. If you feel like it’s the right time to install them (or replace the windows on your current ones), visit our Custom Window Systems page. Using our Energy Star® compliant windows will allow you to let the light in as much as you want, without sacrificing a low electric bill.

Let us know in the comments what window projects you’re looking forward to most!

Bay Windows: A Classic Touch for Your Florida Home

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