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What's New in Window Technology

What's New in Window Technology

These days, technology is part of most everything we do. From smartphones to personal health devices, our lives are enhanced and improved by technological innovation.

Advancements move far beyond software and entertainment, however. New ideas in window design and function have revolutionized the industry. In this article, you’ll discover the latest in window technology:

Mix of Efficiency and Function

Since the late 1980s, manufacturers have added low-emissive (low-E) glass coatings. This helps optimize energy usage (heating, cooling) and lighting. Through the years, this process has developed and improved.

Another existing technology that has become more affordable in recent years is vacuum glass, which provides optimal insulation while still allowing in ample light. This feature also provides energy-saving and noise reduction benefits.

Also popular is dynamic glass, which provides protection from harmful UV rays by transitioning from clear to virtually opaque, depending on the severity of the sunlight. The term “u-factor” refers to the overall insulation capability of the window. A qualified professional can test your existing windows and make recommendations to improve insulation and other factors.

In the same vein are electrochromics (which use electric current to control light and heat) and thermochromics (which react to the heat of the sun). Both options help provide ideal climate control throughout the day.

Features Tailored to Lifestyle

A recent trend is a return to more traditional window treatments. While arching windows and curved shapes remain popular, many homeowners are choosing floor-to-ceiling windows in more traditional rectangular shapes.

Elsewhere, the most popular options include some form of extruded aluminum used in window frames, and impact-resistant glass. The benefits of aluminum window frames are many, and include durability, resistance to corrosion, and improved frame strength. Impact-resistant glass is especially important in areas where the threat of severe weather is present, such as Florida.

To that end, you already know that Florida summers are hot, and recent winters have been downright cold. Humidity is always present in this region of the country. Along with durability, aluminum window frames aid in moisture control.

As you mull options for window replacement and upgrade, take into consideration your personal preferences and lifestyle. If you plan to sell your property soon, that will also affect your decisions.  

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Many homeowners become overwhelmed when thinking of replacing or installing new windows. With so many options currently available, it can be difficult to decide what’s best for your needs and personal preferences. In addition, window terminology can quickly become confusing and overwhelming.

For years, we’ve been helping Florida homeowners get the most out of their property. Our award-winning team has successfully installed various home improvement enhancements to the highest of customer satisfaction.

From sunrooms/screen rooms, custom pool and patio enclosures, innovative window treatments, carports, awnings, and much more, we have the solution to your installation and repair wants and needs. Contact us today for more information.


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