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Hurricane Shutters and Storm Protection Types

Hurricane Shutters and Storm Protection Types

You'll want to put hurricane shutters on your windows if you live in a place that's constantly at risk for tropical storms like Florida and Texas. During an emergency, not only are they necessary security for your home but for yourself and your family, too. Thanks to the prospect of insurance rate discounts and fewer damage fixes needed, storm protection often offers an additional layer of financial coverage.


What is a Hurricane Shutter?

Hurricane shutters are used to shield your home and other buildings from storm-induced destruction. To keep windows from being destroyed by airborne debris during a storm, hurricane shutters are used. Although the negative pressure created by high-speed wind blowing through a building roof will cause the roof to collapse with the building envelope intact, broken windows allow the air pressure inside a building to increase, causing a much larger change in pressure and raising the possibility of roof failure.


Types of Hurricane Shutters

There are varieties of hurricane shutters. We have listed the variations below:

  1. Rolling Shutters - These shutters have to be attached over the doors and windows and the shutters can be rolled up and down.
  2. Fabric Storm Panels - The panels are made with fabric. They can be easily attached and stored away when there’s no storm. Unlike other shutters, they let in light.
  3. Storm Panel - These panels are made from steel, aluminum, and polycarbonate. You have to mount the panels on windows and doors for they need additional hardware.
  4. Colonial Shutters - These storm shutters are two separate pieces that you attach to the wall beside each window.
  5. Bermuda Shutters - Bermuda shutters are popular in tropical countries. Users can just extend their arms to close and open shutters when needed. They also substitute as shades during sunny days.
  6. Accordion Shutters - Accordion shutters are best for sliding doors because they are permanently attached to the side. They can give better protection for their bulky build.


If you have lived in Florida or familiar with Florida storms, you’ll have an idea of how destructive these hurricanes can be. White Aluminum Shutters and Storm Protection offers homeowners a variety of economical options to cover window openings in a storm, in addition we offer impact-resistant windows which offer an even better safety option. Being prepared ahead of time, Florida hurricane shutters offer the best economical protection. Before any hurricane approaches, make sure your home or business is prepared. Now that you have an idea about hurricane shutters and how each type works you can compare these options to see which is best for your needs.

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