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Late-Season Hurricane Tips from Your Florida Storm Protection Pros

Late-Season Hurricane Tips from Your Florida Storm Protection Pros

As the Sunshine State's latest brush with Hurricane Eta reminds us, it is never too late in the season for stormy weather to strike. As we approach the end of hurricane season, now is a great time to assess your storm preparedness plan - and to consider how White Aluminum, your go-to Florida storm protection pros, may be able to help fortify your home for whatever the weather may bring! Just read on to see some of our top tips. 

What worked? What didn't?

After a summer and fall of near hits and misses, you likely have an idea of what parts of your storm protection plan work and what don't. Maybe you found yourself caught up in a pre-storm scramble and found that you didn't have enough hurricane supplies like water, batteries and pantry-friendly foods. Or maybe you were all stocked up, but found it difficult to put up traditional storm shutters in time. Whatever the case may be, now is the perfect opportunity to plan for next hurricane season with home improvement projects, so you don't feel rushed to complete them before the next storm approaches (which, we hope, is not for a very long time!).

Invest in peace of mind and stress-free storm prep

As we mentioned, the "crunch time" before a storm can be a lot of pressure - especially if your home isn't already equipped with storm-safe features like sturdy, energy-efficient Florida replacement windows that double as a storm-grade barrier between your home and the tropical elements. Unlike traditional shutters, our windows (as well as effortless accordion shutters) look and function great during good weather and don't require too much - if any - prep work to fortify your home during hurricane season.

Make any necessary repairs

If your home saw some wear and tear this hurricane season, White Aluminum is here to help! We can replace or repair your pool enclosure, or protect your car or patio from future bad weather with a carport or patio cover - whatever you need to weather the next weather with ease.

We hope that today's guide helps you safely navigate the end of this hurricane season, and all potential storms in future years! For help with your Florida pool enclosures, impact windows or other protective features, simply call White Aluminum today to get started.


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