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Find the Storm Protection Solution That’s Right for You

Find the Storm Protection Solution That’s Right for You

Does your home need a new hurricane or storm protection solution? We’re currently in the midst of hurricane season, so now is an extraordinary time to make the overhaul in the event that you haven't as of now! Read on to see a few of the key hurricane and storm protection solutions we offer—as well as easy ways to decide which option is right for you.

Storm panels and Hurricane shutters

One of the most storm protection options you’re probably most familiar with is standard storm panels, also known as hurricane shutters in Florida. Standard panels are attached to your home before a hurricane arrives. These aluminum barriers are sturdy yet lightweight—so when they’re not in use, they can be easily stored away in your garage. (Speaking of the garage, don’t forget to fortify your garage door with a garage door brace as well. While we typically think of hurricane protection as items to put outside the home, a garage door brace protects from within, keeping your door sturdy and upright during high winds and decreasing the chance of your door bending or collapsing.)

Accordion shutters

In addition to protective panels, you can also secure your home’s doors and windows with accordion hurricane shutters. This adds a degree of convenience to your hurricane prep routine, because these shutters are pre-installed on the sides of your doors and windows. Only when you need them do you fold the shutters together (like an accordion), a process that can be done in seconds with only one person involved! This is a great option to consider if you want to upgrade your routine to something a little more low-maintenance but equally strong against storm winds and debris. Accordion shutters may also be used to supplement your current shutter routine, placed in harder-to-reach areas like second-story windows to help simplify the storm prep process.

Impact windows

The most convenient storm protection solution is, of course, impact windows. You can replace your home’s current windows with modern, fortified windows that are built to withstand high winds and debris (making them not only perfect for hurricane season but beyond, too, as they make your home more secure on an everyday basis). You might consider this option if you crave a more seamless storm prep experience. It’s also a great option for those who call Florida their second home—because when you head away from the summer, you won’t need to worry about adding shutters before hitting the road or booking your flight! (As an added perk, more modern windows can also help you save on your monthly energy bill because they provide a better barrier between your home and the great outdoors–so you won’t be losing cool air on hot, sunny days.)

We hope that today’s guide helps you find the storm and hurricane protection solution that’s right for you and your home! Whether that’s traditional aluminum hurricane shutters, accordion shutters or impact windows, we here at White Aluminum & Windows are here to assist you in the selection and installation of your brand-new feature. Just call us today to learn more. We have 60 years of experience in bringing style and security to homes across the state, and would be proud to do the same for yours next.

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