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How To Make Your Commercial Bathroom Stalls More Comfortable

How To Make Your Commercial Bathroom Stalls More Comfortable

A lot of commercial bathrooms have a common problem - the stalls are too narrow, uncomfortable, and lack privacy. In this article, we'll focus on the benefits of adding a few simple touches to your bathroom stall to make it more comfortable, as well as what you should avoid doing to maintain privacy.

Use A Rubber Mat 

This will create a non-slip surface and place one against the back wall so people can rest against it.  On a wall perpendicular to the back wall, place a rubber mat that's no higher than 4 inches off the ground. You can also use two mats that meet at a right angle and create a clear area in front of the user for those with mobility issues. This will ensure that your bathroom stalls maintain a clean surface and remove any germs that might be transferred from shoes. If your bathroom has a slippery finish, you can use non-slip mats to prevent people from falling or slipping while using the facilities. 

For optimum safety, place these mats close to the front wall of the stall, where people's feet will rest when they sit down. Avoid using mats that are thick or extra-grippy; they can be uncomfortable to stand on and may require people to shuffle their feet as they stand and move around.  

Use A Tension Rod For Hanging Clothing Items  

Many bathrooms have issues with people hanging clothing items from the doorknob, which is unsanitary. The use of a tension rod will eliminate this problem and ensure that your bathroom remains clean. You can also purchase suction hooks that people can attach to surfaces like the back wall or the door handle, which makes it easy for them to hang their clothing items without dirtying up public spaces.  

For Women Only: A Low-Sitting Toilet Seat 

This will eliminate the awkwardness of having to sit uncomfortably while using the restroom. If you have a high-sitting toilet, find a low-sitting one so that it's easier for people to use and maintain a more comfortable position. Women will especially appreciate this since they need to use the restroom more frequently; it's also best to avoid using toilets with narrow openings, as they can be uncomfortable for women. 

Avoid Using Wobbly Stools Or Seats That Are Too High 

It's important to maintain a level of privacy when using the bathroom. If you have someone who is ill or mobility impaired, make sure to provide them with a stool or seat that's the right size and fits their needs. 

Avoid Closing The Stall Door Unless You Have To  

A closed stall door can prevent people from entering when they need to, which is not only awkward but unsafe when there are limited stalls in your facility. Leave the door open unless you have a pressing reason to close it, such as if there is an emergency. 

Cushion The Seat 

If your bathroom stalls don't have seats, you can place a cushion on the back wall so that people have something to lean against. You can also use a lumbar pillow for added comfort, which will prevent aches and pains from sitting in awkward positions for an extended period.

Add Additional Lighting 

If your bathroom has poor lighting, this is a safety hazard as well as an annoyance. Make sure to add additional lighting so that people can see when they are in the stalls. 

Add A Shelf For Personal Items 

This will make it easy for people to keep their items, including medications and cell phones, next to them without having to put them on the floor where germs could accumulate. You can also add hooks so that people can hang their towels without getting them dirty. 

Install Automatic Toilet Flushers 

Many bathrooms don't have automatic flushers and require people to manually flush the toilet to prevent clogs. If this is the case in your facility, consider installing an automatic toilet flusher that senses when someone is using the facilities and flushes for them. This is especially important in multi-stall bathrooms, where individual flushers would wastewater.

Choose Suitable Flooring 

If you have slippery flooring in your bathroom, this could be a problem if there are any spills or accidents. Use floor mats with non-slip surfaces so that people can maintain their footing. The best floor option for a bathroom is ceramic tile since it's water-resistant and has a non-slip surface. 

Remove Damaged Stall Doors (Or Replace Them) 

If the doors to your bathroom stalls are damaged, this creates a safety hazard as well as an annoyance for those who have to use them. If possible, remove the doors entirely or replace them with ones that are in better condition so that they don't pose a problem. They should also be sturdy enough to prevent people from accidentally breaking them. 

Provide Kleenex 

This is an important precaution, especially for women who may need to use the restroom frequently throughout the day. Kleenex ensures that they can stay clean and germ-free without having to touch anything or use toilet paper; this is also useful in case of an emergency when women may not have time to remove their gloves.

Add A Supply Of Personal Hygiene Products 

If you have a supply of personal hygiene products in your bathroom, people can stay clean so that they don't get sick from germs and viruses on surfaces. This is especially important for facilities with limited handwashing supplies or those that do not have handwashing supplies at all.

Remove Damaged Wastewater Outlets 

If any wastewater outlets have been damaged, either replace them or repair them so that they work properly and don't cause problems for people who use the restroom. This is necessary to maintain a suitable facility so that people are safe and satisfied. Loose screws, bolts, caps, or any other small objects can also pose a tripping hazard for people who use your bathroom. Remove all loose items so they don't have to deal with this problem. 


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