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How To Go Green with Your Replacement Windows

How To Go Green with Your Replacement Windows

Now more than ever, there is growing demand for eco-conscious solutions to owning a home. There are plenty of ways to “go green” right from the confines of your own home, but did you know that you can accomplish the same thing with your windows? That’s right – one of the better ways to make your home more environmentally friendly is with replacement windows! Below, we offer a few reasons why you should join the green movement with new windows.

New Windows Have Fewer Issues…

Any given household’s carbon footprint is going to be determined largely by how much energy it consumes on a daily basis. Systems like air conditioning especially drive your energy consumption. Old windows, or windows that have been damaged, typically have poor insulation. With inferior insulation, air is likely to escape your home, which means the HVAC system will have to consume more energy to keep it comfortable inside. Replacement windows have fewer issues and keep your air completely sealed!

…and More Energy Efficient Features

As we’ve said, replacement windows have fewer causes for concern than older windows, but they also they boast a plethora of energy efficient features to boot. The energy efficient glass used in White Aluminum’s replacement windows will reduce the amount of heat coming in from the outside, and the frames are designed to boast better thermal resistance as well. When all is said and done, this means that you can keep your home comfortable at a fraction of your current energy consumption.

Low Maintenance

Are there two words homeowners like to hear more than low maintenance? By simply installing replacement windows, you will save yourself lots of maintenance on older windows. This is because old windows often require numerous applications of paint and coating to stay looking new. White Aluminum’s replacement windows are low maintenance in comparison and require only warm water to stay dirt-free.

Reduce Waste

Many custom windows that you find today are made of recycled material. This means that we place much less stress on the earth when manufacturing new windows, and likewise when disposing of broken windows. Since windows can be recycled, there is less waste that ends up in landfills. Our replacement windows are eco-friendly from the day they’re put together to the day they are replaced.

With all these reasons to switch to replacement windows, it should be a no brainer why going green is good for your home and the planet! Trust in professionals to recommend the best windows for your home so you can start enjoying a higher level of comfort at less of the cost. There’s no better team to work with than White Aluminum – we always make sure that you get the best products for your needs!

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