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Top 3 Benefits of Installing Handrailing

Top 3 Benefits of Installing Handrailing

Most people don’t give handrailing much thought until its missing when needed. More than decoration, handrails play an essential role in the overall safety of any home or business setting. They keep you stable when walking up or down stairs and prevent falls in and around your property. 

Best of all, high-quality aluminum handrailing can be installed in many areas. Naturally rust and water-resistant, you can even feature handrails outside. Learn more about the versatility and affordability of this important safeguard through these suggestions.

1) Improved Safety

More Florida homes today are being built with staircases to a second floor. Often, balconies are also featured outside upstairs rooms. In both cases, handrailing helps prevent what could become a devastating accident. Sturdy and durable, aluminum handrails also lend peace of mind to your guests. When you install handrailing in your home, you demonstrate a commitment to the safety and well-being of everyone who visits your property.

Handrails can also be used in your Florida screened porch and elsewhere around the house. Maybe you have an aesthetically-pleasing aluminum pergola on your property ideal for family gatherings. Hosting cookouts is always more enjoyable under the cool shade of Florida pool enclosures. Handrailing can be installed almost anywhere, providing an instant source of stability and comfort.

In addition, severe weather sometimes plagues the Sunshine State. When heavy rains fall, surfaces outside your home can become slippery as ice. Handrailing provides support for your friends and loved ones, keeping everyone out of harm’s way.

2) Enhanced Property Value

You might remember a clunky wood bannister in a relative’s home. Perhaps such a feature exists on your current property. While bannisters might look okay, they’re also difficult to see around. In addition, many thick wood bannisters are difficult to grip. By contrast, sleek and sophisticated aluminum handrails perfectly complement your home’s décor. In addition, the modern design of this option makes it easy to install in narrow or smaller spaces.

Even if you don’t have multiple stories in your home, handrailing is still useful. For example, several Florida screen rooms have a slight step up or down. This can be difficult to navigate without something solid to hang on to. Handrails can also be used in other areas, such as the bathroom, kitchen, around Florida carports, and anywhere else where improved stability is required.

When it comes time to sell your property, prospective buyers will be impressed by your attention to detail and the versatility and safety aluminum handrailing provides. This is an especially attractive feature to those homeowners with vision restrictions and/or limited mobility.

3) Versatility and Function  

The desire to have something to hold while going up or down stairs or elevation is a natural human tendency. People want to avoid falls or potentially-embarrassing situations. Even if (as mentioned) most people don’t give much thought to handrailing, they’ll certainly notice when something’s missing.

However, when you install a high-quality aluminum handrailing on your property, you get all the durability and sturdiness that comes naturally with this rugged material. At the same time, aluminum lends a natural elegance and modern sophistication to any floorplan. Tailored to your exact desires and requirements, this property enhancement solution is simple and cost-effective.

For more than six decades, we’ve helped countless people across Florida with all their home improvement needs. That includes Orlando awnings, pool enclosures, replacement windows, carports and patio covers, pergolas and ultra-lattice shade, and much more. In addition, we’ve built a solid reputation as trusted and reliable installer of Florida vinyl siding. Contact us today to instantly improve safety in and around your home with high-quality aluminum handrailing.

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