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5 More Perks of Pool Enclosures in Florida

5 More Perks of Pool Enclosures in Florida

Your pool enclosure does much more than just protect your swimming pool. Learn how you can log hours of poolside fun and relaxation with these tips.

One of the many real benefits of living in Florida is enjoying the warm sun nearly every day of the year. You can take that simple pleasure to the next level by adding a swimming pool to your backyard. But what about when the weather is inclement? Without a high-quality aluminum pool enclosure in place, you’d be out of luck.

By contrast (and similar to awnings in Orlando), enclosing your pool offers the best of all worlds. You’ll still be able to maximize outdoor enjoyment, while reaping many other benefits you might not have previously considered. Here are some of the biggest perks of adding a pool enclosure to your property:

1) Safety and Security

Your pool enclosure helps keep kids and pets safe by creating a defined space. Children and youth can be instructed not to wander past the boundaries of the enclosure. In addition, the mesh screen of this structure will keep out pests and curious animals from invading your space.

Plus, just like carports in Florida, you can place favorite furniture and other personal belongings under your pool enclosure and not worry about them being adversely affected by the elements (or a target for thieves), like they might if just left out in the open.

2) Cleanliness and Maintenance

Along with keeping out pests, the screen of your pool enclosure will also filter dirt and debris. That means you won’t be subject to these contaminants, and at the same time you’ll save money on cleaning and chemicals, since such material will never make it inside your pool so long as the enclosure is in place.

Best of all, like the framing of your Florida screened porch, aluminum is naturally rust and water-resistant. That means with normal cleaning and care, this structure could easily provide years of lasting service and comfort for you and your loved ones.

3) All-Season Enjoyment

Even though the weather in Florida is more predictable than states up North, we still experience windy, rainy, and even chilly days and nights. However, when you install a high-quality aluminum pool enclosure, what’s happening outside hardly matters.

Boasting all of the benefits and  more of Florida patio enclosures, here’s where you can relax and unwind under the filtered shade that the mesh screen of your pool enclosure provides. Plus, the structure can be tailored to your exact requirements and preferences. That means you can show your personal flair and get a functional property enhancement solution at the same time.

4) Increased Property Value

In addition, pool enclosures are known to boost home value. Ask any REALTOR® and they’ll confirm that prospective buyers interested in a home with a pool will go with the one that’s enclosed over an exposed pool.

Even if you don’t plan to sell your residence any time soon, the sheer pride of ownership displayed by installing this structure won’t be lost on your guests, neighbors, and passersby. Aluminum pool enclosures can also help extend the life of your pool —  saving you big money in the long run.

5) Easily Coupled with Other Improvements

Your home should be a personalized oasis. Especially at this time when many of us are spending more time inside and staying safe, it’s important that you have a pleasant and inviting space where you truly feel content.

Plus, pool enclosures add a beneficial privacy element without shutting yourself off from the outside world. You can even couple this structure with many other home improvement products, to create a backyard of which you can be proud. The trick is to team with a company that has a proven track record of success, and puts a focus on customer satisfaction.

For more than six decades, White Aluminum has assisted countless homeowners with innovative solutions to improve quality of life. That includes Florida storm protection, do-it-yourself (DIY) kits, louvered roof systems, Safe Harbor, and more. We’re also known as the go-to outlet for replacement windows in Jacksonville and throughout the state. Contact us today to install a high-quality aluminum pool enclosure on your property.

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