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How to Save Money on Summer Utility Bills

How to Save Money on Summer Utility Bills

As summer returns to Florida, so will the heat and the humid weather. For most Florida residents, this is normally the time they crank up their air conditioners to keep their homes cool and comfortable for the season. That’s why summer tends to be the time of the year that hits Floridians hardest in terms of monthly utility bills.

Fortunately, there are some tips and tricks you can use to keep your utility bills low. The best part? You don't have to invest in any fancy gadgets or make any drastic lifestyle changes to lower your bills! Take a look at these 7 easy tips for how to save money on your utility bills this summer:

Take Shorter Showers

When the weather heats up, you may have the urge to take a long, cool shower, especially after spending time outside in the sun. However, this can seriously drive up your water bills over time. Instead of taking lengthy showers, you can protect your water bill by taking advantage of the pool or ocean to cool down.

Want to know a simple trick? Set a 5-minute hourglass on the edge of your shower or tub. Once the sand is done pouring, you'll know it's time to wrap up your shower!

Don’t Water More Than You Need To

Showers and laundry aren’t the only two major consumers of water in your home. In fact, the biggest source of water waste on your property is probably your lawn and garden. It’s tricky to know how much water your landscape needs, which is how many Florida homeowners find themselves over spraying their gardens and winding up with high water bills.

The solution? Automatic sprinklers! When you toss your old hose attachment sprinkler and switch to a sprinkler system, you can customize it to your lawn’s needs. This means you never have to worry about wasting water ever again. If you already have a sprinkler system, make sure to do routine maintenance to prevent issues that can harm your system’s efficiency. For example, The Sprinkler Guy points out that you can fix sprinkler over-spraying by replacing the sprinkler head with the right one for your lawn.

Rely on Natural Light

Summer means longer days and shorter nights. Instead of relying on artificial lighting, open up those blinds and get some natural sunlight in your home. Since the sun is free and renewable, you can use as much sunlight as you need without ever paying a dime.

Some windows are more energy-efficient than others. Windows built using older technology aren’t as effective at blocking solar energy from entering your home. If you notice “hot spots” around certain windows, or certain rooms that just can’t seem to stay cool, we can help you upgrade your old windows with new, energy-efficient models.

Get Your AC Unit Inspected

Without routine maintenance and inspections, your air conditioner can develop serious efficiency issues. To keep your unit in good shape, we recommend scheduling an annual tune-up with a local AC contractor. They’ll check your air filters, clean out dust and debris, and re-calibrate the unit. The HVAC technician will also keep an eye out for minor issues that could eventually lead to breakdowns and major repairs. Keeping your AC in peak efficiency means increased comfort and lower cooling bills.

Use Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans circulate the air in a room, which creates the sensation of a nice, refreshing breeze. Ceiling fans are an economical alternative to AC because they cost less to run than your cooling system.

When you go to sleep at night, try turning your AC up a few degrees and switching on the fan in your bedroom. According to Sierra Air, you can make your AC more efficient by placing a fan in front of the unit to move the cool air through the room. Giving your cooling system a break at night is a great money-saving move, and you don't have to sacrifice your comfort to take advantage of it.

Take Advantage of Programmable Thermostats

When it comes to slashing your cooling bills this summer, your programmable thermostat might just be the greatest weapon in your arsenal. Programmable thermostats allow you to schedule your air conditioner to kick on when you’re at home and turn off or change temperatures when you’re out and about. Even scheduling your thermostat to turn down a few degrees for a few hours a day will have a dramatic impact on your utility bills.

Close Drapes Around Noon

It’s no secret that the late morning and early afternoon are the hottest parts of the day. Closing your drapes during the day can block solar energy from entering your home and making it feel hotter than it is. Next time your home feels hot, try closing the drapes before reaching for your thermostat. After all, your drapes don’t incur a monthly energy cost.

Are you ready for summer? How about your utility bills, are they ready, too? We’re of the mindset that you can never be too prepared for summer, which is why we recommend following the tips on this list. By making some adjustments to your daily routine and relying on the technology in your home, you can easily cut down on your energy consumption and energy bills this season. That means more spending money for home improvement projects like adding an outdoor enclosure where you can sit back and enjoy the sunny Florida weather!

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