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Items You Need for the Perfect Summer BBQ

Items You Need for the Perfect Summer BBQ

Having the perfect summer BBQ might be your particular endeavor right now. Creating that wonderful nighttime environment with great food and fun people doesn’t have to be as challenging as you may think. Starting by implementing a few tips here and there will take your outdoor events to the next level.

Grilling Meat

When it comes to any barbeque, it’s essential to have great meat. Without great meat, what is the point if even grilling? Picking the right meat for grilling takes a bit of trial and error. But you can learn to pick the best cuts for your grill-out.

Burgers and hot dogs are a grilling staple so you should definitely figure out the right kinds that you really love. Depending on your particular guests, you may want to have an array of different kinds of meat. For example, if you’re having multiple families over with young kids, the kids might not be able to handle spicy or more substantial grilled sausages. So make sure to also have standard hot dogs that every cook will feel comfortable with.

Eventually, you might want to try out some more high-class cuts like steak. Don’t let steak intimidate you—it isn’t too hard grilled with a little practice.


Having great entertainment is another key element of any summer BBQ. One of the most elemental forms of entertainment you should invest in is good music. Whether you have friends plucking around on their guitars and singing or whether you simply have an outdoor speaker blasting some of your favorite tunes, music will help make your atmosphere that much more fun.

You might also want to consider having some other form of entertainment like an outdoor movie for after the meal. This can be a fun way to relax and bring everyone together.


Having plenty of seating will make your BBQ that much more enjoyable for your guests. There are a variety of ways to approach having great seating. If your backyard space just feels a little small for all your guests, you could go the route of having folding chairs and plastic folding tables with cute tablecloths. For an even simpler fix, lay out blankets on the grass and make it picnic-style.

If you’re trying to figure out a more long term solution, be sure to invest in quality tables that can seat a lot of people. Hint: invest in long skinny tables if you have a long deck area. This allows you not to waste space in the middle of the table and maximize the amount of guests you can seat.

Dishes and Utensils

Having good dishes and utensils is another essential element of any BBQ. Typically, it’s easier to use disposable dishes and utensils to limit the dishes you have to do afterwards. You might still want to have good steak knives available to your guests if you plan on serving steak.

But otherwise, think about the kind of utensils and dishes you want and invest in a lot of them so you’re ready for any and all BBQs. One great option to look into is using bamboo skewers. Bamboo skewers are biodegradable, so you can feel guilt-free using them. And they are a little more chic than typical plasticware.

Outdoor Lighting

Having great outdoor lighting makes a big difference in your BBQ experience especially if you tend to have dinner time BBQs. Make sure that you have clear bright lighting around the cooking area and the grill as well as around the eating or dining area. Having good lighting here is important as this is where the main action tends to take place.

When it comes to adding lighting to your space, consider bistro lights. Bistro lights are nice because they really add to the fun environment of your outdoor area while being incredibly easy to place where you want them. You can even DIY poles to stand up around your patio to string the lights from.

Great Desserts

Having great desserts can sometimes be forgotten about when it comes to BBQs. You’re so focused on the actual meal that you don’t spend that much time thinking about the food that comes after the main course. Having great desserts at a BBQ will really top things off nicely.

Summertime BBQ desserts thankfully don’t have to be super complicated. Ice cream is always a staple in the hot weather, so get a variety of kinds for your guests. make sure to get some less messy options for younger kids—you can get mini ready-made cones that will be easier for them to hold while eating.

Fire for Roasting Marshmallows

Having a fire pit will really take your BBQ to the next level. This is another way to have the option of making desserts be simultaneously really easy for you and really fun and entertaining for your guests. If you already have a firepit, think about ways to make it more accessible and fun for your guests.

This may simply start with cleaning out the area—try to clean up weeds and fix the paving around the pit. You should also make sure that there aren’t any low-hanging branches from nearby trees that could light fire.

Outdoor Games

Having great outdoor games for your guests to play makes your BBQ much more fun as well. If you can, try and purchase an outdoor volleyball net. These are great because you can use them to play volleyball or badminton as well as a variety of other game variations that are fun for kids.

 If you have a lot of little kids running around, consider playing volleyball with the net lowered and using a beachball.

As you’re planning your next BBQ, don’t let yourself beat yourself up too much about the details. While it’s true that having things like great food, seating, and activities will definitely add to the atmosphere, they won’t make it by themselves. Making sure to invite great people who you love being around will really make that experience fun.

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