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5 Uses Out of Your Port Orange Pergola

5 Uses Out of Your Port Orange Pergola

 Summer weather is meant for spending time in the pool, on the patio, or with family and friends during a backyard barbeque.

No matter how much you love your home there are always ways to make it more luxurious and valuable, like adding a pergola to your yard- just look at the many things you can do with it!

Naps under the sun and stars

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been a Central Florida resident, there are always new ways to stay outside and enjoy the beautiful spaces around you.

To give your backyard a luxurious shade haven, try adding an outdoor day bed or comfortable outdoor couch under your pergola. Now you and your guests can cool off from the heat or spend an evening under the night sky.

Sunset dinners

The great thing about a pergola is they are very versatile and can conform to whatever you want them to.

Depending on the structure and size of your pergola, you may have the option of adding ceiling fans to the top and place a dining table underneath. It’s a wonderful way to enjoy the other features of your home and entertain guests in a new way.

Day Spa

There are very few people who wouldn’t enjoy a relaxing dip their own personal hot tub or mini spa. Designating the area under a pergola for this will highlight the feature and put a spotlight on the new peaceful zone.

Place greenery and landscaping, with light features around the pergola and day spa to illuminate the area. When night comes your yard will be lit and you will feel like you’re at a luxurious hotel.

Enticing entryway

Having too much dimension in a yard is never a problem or challenge. Whether big or small, you always can strategically design a work of art.

Using a mini pergola as an arched entryway can separate areas apart and signify a new space. Most garages lead to a backyard, so this would be the perfect spot to show visitors and residents they are entering a more relaxed and less industrial space.

Protected patio

Most pergolas are easy to incorporate into your property, no matter the direction you want to go with it. If you have an existing structure like a patio or deck, they are even easier to install and blend in with your home.

Although pergolas don’t always have a complete roof, they do provide more shade and protection to your backyard. A beautiful way to make use of your pergola is by attaching it overhead your patio. Add curtains to the side and lights to the top to give it that extra relaxed vibe.

We now see that when it comes to uses of pergolas the options are endless. Once it has been installed you can use your creativity to do with it what you please. If you’ve decided this is exactly what your backyard needs, then give White Aluminum a call, we are ready when you are!


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