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Solutions for a Rainy Day

Solutions for a Rainy Day

As the old saying goes, "April showers bring May flowers."

In Florida, the showers don't really stop in May--in fact, they tend to pick up on hot summer afternoons all season long. But that doesn't mean you have to stay cooped up indoors during your time off!

In today's blog, we're going over just a few rain-friendly features worth adding to your home and outdoor entertaining space. Take a look!

Patio covers

When it comes to providing a barrier from the elements above, it doesn't get more straightforward than the patio cover!

The same roof paneling you trust to protect your car from heat and debris can be placed on top of your backyard patio for a simple, timeless addition that looks good (and stands up to whatever the weather has to throw its way!).

Louvered roof systems

Sometimes, you want to let the light in--embrace it as it shines over your family get together or breakfast al fresco. Your louvered roof lets you do just that--but at the first sign of rain, it can be motorized to stay shut until the skies clear up. Why let the rain keep you down (or indoors) when such an easy, flexible option exists for multipurpose spaces?

Safe harbor

For weather protection at home and on the road, a safe harbor system might be just what you need. It, too, can be drawn out when weather is wet or when the sun is a little too strong for your taste.

Retractable screen systems

For Floridians, there's nothing quite like a front-row seat to the rain shower or light show going on right in your backyard. It's a simple pleasure of the summertime, one that lets you get close to the weather without being drenched by it. But when the rain's coming down sideways, what's a spectator to do?

Retractable screen systems solve that problem with ease, letting you enjoy open-air access to the great outdoors or dryer, more secluded experience provided by the comfort of screens whenever you want them.


Roofovers provide that added bit of clearance that can keep your windows and the space immediately surrounding your home's exterior, dry. That's a great feature in itself! But you'll notice the roofover's positive impact even more when you cut down on leaks and other issues related to heavy downpours.

Why wait for the rain to pass--get out and enjoy your home, no matter the weather! We hope that these ideas help you to do just that.

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