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5 Innovative Pergola Ideas

5 Innovative Pergola Ideas

Though pergolas have been in use for decades, the structure has received renewed interest in recent years. That’s party because of the amazing versatility that they offer. Plus, when you choose high-quality aluminum, you can feel good with the knowledge that your pergola is rust and water-resistant.

In addition, REALTORs® agree that home improvements such as pergolas get immediate interest from prospective buyers. Even if you don’t plan to sell anytime soon, the sheer pride of ownership you display by enhancing your backyard will surely be noticed by friends, neighbors, and passersby. Use these tips to get the most out of your pergola.

1) Entertainment Hub

If you own or have been in a home with a Florida screened porch, you know the big benefits that come along with a designated space where guests can relax and unwind. You can even decorate your pergola to fit each event. For instance, string holiday lights to set the mood for an evening soiree. Or, you could allow native vines to gently meander up and over the beams of your pergola.

2) Private Oasis

Sometimes, you just need to get away from it all, if only for a few moments. There’s no better place to log much-deserved ‘me time’ than under the filtered shade of your aluminum pergola. Just as awnings in Orlando enable you to be part of nature without having to endure the full force of the weather, your pergola can help you appreciate the real wonder and ambiance of your own backyard.

3) Space Booster

In many ways, having a pergola on your property is like getting an extra room. You could choose to have this structure attached to your home, or stand free in your backyard. Plus, just like carports in Florida, you can use your pergola for a number of purposes. Along with the mentioned items, pergolas are also an ideal spot for kids and pets to enjoy fun and supervised play.

4) Garden Statement

In fact, more homeowners are making the pergola a center of their backyard motif. That’s because this space works well for a variety of plants and flowers. You could place potted plants in various areas around your pergola, depending on their light and water requirements. Or, you might train vines to gently climb up the posts and over the roof of your aluminum pergola.

5) Part of an Artful Backyard

You could also add other creative and innovative property enhancement solutions to fashion a backyard that will get attention. For example, a high-quality aluminum pool enclosure will keep bugs and dirt out, while helping you and your loved ones have a great time in or near the water. You could also highlight carports and patio covers on your property.

For more than 60 years, we’ve been proud to serve homeowners just like you across the Sunshine State. Along with pergolas, we also specialize in Florida sunrooms, roof overs, do-it-yourself (DIY) kits, awnings and shutters, and more. We’re also well known as the go-to resource for replacement windows in Jacksonville and throughout the state. Contact us today to learn more about all of the useful and affordable home improvement options available to you.

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