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Florida Sunroom Key Benefits

LivingSpace Florida Sunroom

Some of the key benefits to having a Florida Sunroom are:

  1. Extra Space.
    You'll have extra space to enjoy. When a sunroom is designed to fit the aesthetic and feel of your Florida home, it becomes a way to liven up your space. The use of the space is up to you, however there are many things you can do with a new Florida sunroom to include: making it a family room, entertainment room, home office, workout room, breakfast nook or even a hobby area. There is tons of design options for sure, and it will give you plenty of extra space.
  2. Reduce your electricity bill.
    Sunrooms let in natural light and are energy efficient by design. They will consume less power and electricity saving a ton of money over their lifespan. In the summer months, windows can be covered with blinds or tinted to help keep it cool. IN the winter months, the heave insulation will protect it from becoming too cold. Glass walls bring in sunlight but protect you from the elements such as rain, wind and bugs.
  3. Turn into a greenroom.
    Many enjoy having a greenroom, not only to liven up their space with plants and flowers, but a greenroom can help increase air quality in the home, benefiting your overall health.
  4. Add some style and luxury.
    With your greenroom garden, you can enjoy it all year long. No matter what you choose to do with your new sunroom, you will introducing elegance and sophistication into your home with an open flow and floorplan of a sunroom.
  5. Increase value.
    Finally, a sunroom will increase the size and space in your Florida home as well as add value. You will be able to attract more renters and buyers by having one in your home. They are an economical way to build value when compared to the cost of conventional construction, giving you a greater return on investment.

If you are interested in more information about a Florida sunroom or the installation of a LivingSpace sunroom in your home in the Orlando area, get in touch with White Aluminum and Windows today. Let us help transform your home into the home of your dreams.

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