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4 Signs That You Need a New Porch Screen ASAP

4 Signs That You Need a New Porch Screen ASAP

A screened-in porch allows you to enjoy the great outdoors without dealing with all the bugs and heat that being outside brings along. It’s a great way of getting some fresh air, lots of sunshine, and listening to the sounds of nature around you while in the comfort of your home. But just like other aspects of your home, your porch screen is also capable of getting worn or damaged over time due to regular use and exposure to various surrounding elements.

If you have started noticing signs that your screen needs repairs but are confused what action to take, here is a guide to four signs that will tell you that you need a new porch screen ASAP.

Prominent Damage

The first and most obvious sign telling you that your screens need to be replaced is when there are very visible and prominent signs of damage. If you can see tears in the screen or the screen mesh is out of the frame, you need to take immediate action. Tears and rips can easily occur if you have pets running around or kids playing frequently in that area. A tiny rip can eventually grow into a larger tear and before you know it, you’ll have bugs and critters entering through your torn porch screen.

Debris From the Nature Around You

If you happen to have your porch screen surrounded by trees, bushes, and other thick plantation, it is quite likely that debris, pine needles, and other parts of broken flora can get stuck in the mesh. You may notice this debris stuck in between your screen more so after a heavy rainfall or a series of strong winds. Once you start noticing these elements on your porch floor and furniture, it is clear that the screens need some reinforcement.

Worn Down After Winter

While living in a place visited by some serious months of winter, chances are your screens take quite a beating from all the ice, snow, and sleet it is exposed to during this time. Once winter is over and the weather starts getting warmer, you may begin to notice the damage the harsh weather caused to your porch screens. Don’t allow this damage to increase to a point where your screens are deterring you from sitting outside and enjoying the beautiful weather.

Strong Winds

As the weather around you changes all year round, you are bound to have days or weeks where winds are strong and powerful. These strong winds can create a vacuum effect by pulling your screen material from their frames and fasteners. When this happens, your screens are no longer sturdy or functional and require replacement to ensure you are able to enjoy sitting out on your porch in comfort.

Being able to enclose your porch with screens has so many benefits. From storing outdoor furniture and toys, to sitting out with family without worrying about the direct heat or insect bites. Don’t compromise on the quality and maintenance of your porch screens and contact us now at White Aluminum to learn more about porch screen installation.

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