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5 Surprising Uses for Your Aluminum Carport

5 Surprising Uses for Your Aluminum Carport

More people across Florida are ditching the garage idea for the versatility and ease-of-use that goes along with installing a high-quality aluminum carport. With this option, you can instantly enhance your property, and benefit from a structure that could provide years of faithful service.

That’s because aluminum carports are both affordable and easy to install. The fact is that a garage project could take months to complete, and often comes with a hefty price tag. But when you select a durable carport, you could be enjoying your new addition in just days. Carports can even be customized to your exact desires and requirements. Read on to discover creative uses that you might not have previously considered.

1) Safety and Security

You might think that an enclosed garage offers maximum safety and security. While this is true to an extent, law enforcement experts say some crooks actually love the privacy and anonymity that garages afford. By contrast, your aluminum carport actually serves as a deterrent to would-be burglars, according to law enforcement. That’s because ne’er-do-wells never know when someone might catch them in the act.

Beyond nefarious activity, carports in Florida can also help you avoid the fury of Mother Nature. A fact of life in the Sunshine State is that the sun beats down on your vehicle almost every day of the year. Over time, that can damage the paint and fade interior fabric or leather.  In addition, subjecting your vehicle to this kind of abuse day in, day out compromises the integrity of the glass, degrades batteries, and puts undue stress on tires and essential fluids. That could lead to costly repairs and even replacement. Who has the time or energy to put up with that kind of frustration?

2) Entertaining

Everyone loves a party or pleasant gathering. But did you know that your carport might be the ideal spot to entertain guests and loved ones? Similar to awnings in Orlando, the spacious nature of this structure allows many people to comfortably gather under shade and protection. Here, you can throw a tailgate party, host a sit-down dinner, and even create a venue space ideal for weddings, anniversaries, Prom parties, and similar. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Plus, after work/school or on the weekends, your aluminum carport makes a fine space under which to enjoy snacks and beverages, chat with an old friend, or simply log some much needed and deserved “me time,” while enjoying the scenery and ambiance of your property.

3) Work and Hobbies

Sometimes, there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to complete all the work you have to get done. Other times, you might have personal projects that require a reliable space. Your aluminum carport is ideal for these and other purposes.

The open-air nature of this structure offers built-in ventilation and safety features. When you install lighting inside your carport, you can work anytime, day or night. Even when the weather turns nasty, you can still accomplish all the tasks you set out for yourself.

4) Other Ideas  

In addition to these ideas, you could also use your carport for a variety of other uses. Transform this space into a neighborhood clubhouse. You could even start your own business such as a petting zoo, mechanic shop, and similar. Or, you might offer this area for local school groups and youth who are selling cookies, lemonade, chocolate, material items, and more.

Some people have even staged a barbecue cookoff under their carports. Or, you could host a movie night that would be the highlight of a neighborhood block party. Similar to a Florida screened porch, this structure will instantly become a favorite addition to your property.

5) Improved Property Value

Ask any REALTOR® and they’ll tell you that prospective buyers want a safe space in which to park their vehicles and store precious belongings. Even if you don’t plan to sell anytime soon, the sheer pride of ownership you display won’t go unnoticed by friends and neighbors. In addition, a high-quality aluminum carport is one of the many ways you can enhance your overall property value.

Other creative ideas available to you include louvered roof systems, pergolas and ultra-lattice shade, pool enclosures, storm protection and security, and more. For more than 60 years, we’ve been the go-to resource for innovative property enhancement solutions. We’re also well known as the best outlet for replacement windows in Jacksonville and throughout the Sunshine State. Contact us today to discover fun and affordable ways to improve your property.

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