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Our Storm Preparedness Questionnaire

While we may just be entering the month of May, summer—and storm season—is quickly approaching. While we all hope for a season that’s quiet and uneventful, it’s best to prepare for the worst—which is why we’ve put together this quick storm preparedness questionnaire.

Answer these questions to determine if you’re ready for a storm, or if you might need to improve your measures in anticipation of the season ahead.

Is your home’s roof in good condition?

When inspecting your home for storm readiness, your roof is naturally one of the first places to check. During hurricanes—or even strong thunderstorms—an unsecure or compromised roof can let in leaks and cause potential water damage inside your home. Fortunately, that possibility is avoidable when you take the proper steps ahead of time. In addition to inspecting the roof’s structure itself, look out for leaks—even small ones—during your next storm and go from there.

Do you have impact resistant windows?

Impact windows are intrinsically storm ready—they’re strong enough that they don’t require additional shutters, but still work like your everyday window would. If you don’t already have impact windows installed in your home, don’t worry. You can always install custom windows this season or, if you prefer the traditional route, pick up hurricane shutters and supplies to ready your home in case of a big storm.

Do you have a way to shield your car and home from potential debris?

Once your family’s safety is taken care of indoors, look toward your car and see if there’s a way to make it safe from high winds and debris, too. During storms, many will place their cars within their garage or other protective structures to keep them safe. If your car is currently unprotected, however, installing a carport might be just the thing you need. Not only will a carport provide your car with a degree of protection from debris, but it can cool down your car and make for a more comfortable driving experience during hot summer days.

Are you stocked up on the necessary food, water and practical items?

It may seem too early to worry about your nonperishables, but doing so never hurts! Between now and the start of hurricane season, gather up your requisite amounts of snacks, food, water, batteries and more. Simply keep it all in a handy spot within your home or garage.

Not as prepared as you might have thought? Don’t worry! That’s where we can help. If you’re interested in updating your windows or other parts of your home to brace them for potential storms, we can help you at every step of the way.

Our Storm Preparedness Questionnaire

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