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Orlando Landscaping: An Arbor Day Idea

America’s first celebration of Arbor Day—the annual holiday dedicated to the appreciation of trees—took place in Nebraska in 1872, when the state saw the planting of around one million trees. Today, while Arbor Day is celebrated in different places and times of the year, it still represents the importance of trees and their impact on our daily lives.

This Arbor Day, why not plant a tree with your family right in your own backyard? It’s easy! Here are the best reasons for you to do it:

Trees add value to your home. According to the US Department of Agriculture’s Forest Service, a healthy, healthy and mature trees can add around 10% to the value of a property… imagine that! This is great news for those of us who want to sell our homes in the future—with water and some time, a tree or two will add valuable character to your home.

It’s good for the environment. The environmental benefits of trees cannot be overstated. We know that the presence of trees and other plant life is vital at the most basic level, because these plants absorb carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and, in return, offer up the oxygen we need to breathe and foster a healthy ecosystem. Planting trees is also an important step to improving water quality—in areas with trees, you’ll see less runoff and erosion.

You’ll have built-in shade… Who couldn’t use a little more shade in their back or front yard entertaining space? A big, healthy tree will be able to provide much-needed shade from the sun when you’re enjoying a day outside.

…and save money on electric bills. Of course, shade isn’t just a great perk when it comes to outdoor parties and barbecues… it also helps to cool your home, eliminating the need for excessive air conditioning costs. On the west side of your home especially (due to the position of the sun when it’s at its brightest and hottest), a planted tree will only save you more as it grows.

A beautiful tree brings your whole landscape together. Have you ever passed by a home with a beautiful, mature oak or palm tree in the front yard? With the right care, the effect these trees have on your home’s landscaping can be breathtaking.

You can have fun while planting! If you ever find yourself struggling to find an activity the entire family can enjoy together, be sure to consider planting your own tree this Arbor Day. Your tree can be a symbol of your family’s togetherness—younger kids especially will appreciate their impact on the growth of such a beautiful tree!

Orlando Landscaping: An Arbor Day Idea

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