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Florida RV Awnings: 6 Tips For The Ultimate Portable Patio

White Aluminum’s Safe Harbor fold-down patio cover is a terrific feature for your recreational vehicle. Here in Florida, we would rather spend our days outside, weather permitting, while our RV awnings provide shade. Once you have one of our awnings in place, you need to create the ultimate portable RV patio! What’s under your RV cover can make it more welcoming, comfortable, and personal… the perfect area for cooking, entertaining, and relaxing. Read more for the ultimate patio checklist:

Chairs: Portable camping chairs come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and types. There are love seats, recliners, chairs with adjustable arms, and much more. Adding a few comfortable chairs is a great start on your way to the ultimate portable patio.

Tables: A portable table or two is a solid second step for reading, dining or the occasional poker game. The variety here is endless… a roll-top or folding picnic table will give you plenty of entertainment surface area. They are portable and will fit in your storage.

Grills & Coolers: Portable grills are perfect for outdoor entertaining. Whether you prefer charcoal or propane grills, there is a portable grill out there at your price range. If you’re into smokers, there are portable versions that can fit in most storage compartments. And don’t forget your cooler! There are so many cooler options you’re bound to find the perfect one to keep your food and drinks at just the right temperature. So what are you waiting for? Break out the grill and have a BBQ!

Lights: This is where it gets fun! From tiki torches, hanging lights, and lanterns, no matter what your personality, there is outdoor lighting for you. Some lights are especially made to keep mosquitos away, while others serve to enhance your RV’s appearance. The options here are limitless, so have fun picking out your lighting!

Floors: Yes, you can have flooring for your RV’s patio! Some companies make weather-resistant, rustproof rugs while others make deck surfaces that you can bring with you. Can you see yourself outside of your RV with an aluminum, teak, or mahogany patio? You can have it as part of your perfect patio.

Final Touches: To finish your ultimate patio, be creative in adding those last finishing touches that will make it your home away from home. To keep warm or cool we’ve seen small heaters, portable fire pits, mist sprayers, fans and more. Don’t forget some high-tech entertainment… a generator or campsite electricity can power your portable TVs and radios. Last, don’t forget some décor… whether it’s your favorite sports team banner or the popular Florida pink flamingo.

So stop reading this post and visit our products page to request a quote on the Safe Harbor fold-down RV patio cover! Have questions? Click on our Contact Us page to find the White Aluminum branch nearest you. 

Florida RV Awnings: 6 Tips For The Ultimate Portable Patio

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