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What Makes a Healthy Tree?

What Makes a Healthy Tree?

Trees are a big deal--and not just because of their towering size!

As we celebrate and care for our community's trees on Arbor Day, we're exploring the traits that make a tree happy, healthy, and productive in your home's landscape. Take a look!

A strong foundation

The health of a tree starts at its roots and climbs up toward the trunk--the foundation of a strong, sturdy tree that lasts. To ensure that your tree will be healthy and long-lasting, take a look at its trunk! For most trees, one unified trunk means that the tree is growing well, while two "competing" trunks may signal weaknesses down the line (since each part of the tree, alone, is not quite as strong).

Bright colors

In Florida, it may seem hard to gauge the health of a tree by its color--after all, leaves here don't tend to change by very much throughout the year! However, even here, you can tell a lot from the color of your tree's foliage. Leaves should be bright and reflective of the season (i.e. in Florida, duller brown leaves during the spring or summer may signal an underlying issue).

Healthy textures

It's also helpful to keep an eye on the overall texture of your tree. While there a few exceptions, empty patches where there should be bark or holey textures in the leaves themselves may point to the presence of unwanted guests (like insects or animals) or disease in your tree.

Smart placement

While the placement of your tree doesn't determine its health, it does determine the degree to which it provides much-welcome shade for your home! Trees placed near east or west-facing windows will keep your home cooler on hot summer days, saving you in energy costs and keeping you comfortable all year long.

Well-maintained limbs

By keeping the limbs of your trees neat, trimmed, and well-maintained, you are contributing to their overall health and making them safer for your home and surroundings! No overhanging branches means less debris or chance of breakage during strong summer storms.
We hope that today's blog helps you care for the trees on your property, and seek out smart ways to plant new ones! After all, trees don't just look good--they make for a healthier landscape you'll appreciate for years to come.

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