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Orlando Custom Windows: Why We Love Big, Beautiful Displays

If you’re looking to make a big change in your space, keep it simple! Adding a large window or window wall might be all you need to brighten your space, make a home office more functional, or accentuate a stunning outdoor view.

We love big windows and we know you will, too! Read on to see some of our favorite ways to incorporate this feature into your home.

A home office you want to work in

If you work from home and find it hard to focus or feel inspired in your office, consider a change in scenery by replacing your current windows for a large window or window wall. Nature is known to inspire and instill a sense of energy, so incorporating outdoor views into your office in this way might be just what you need.

Kids’ play space

Windows can brighten up any space for the better, but kids’ play spaces can especially benefit from a hefty dose of sunlight. This is due, in part, to just how easily kids can lose their favorite toys or make spills and messes as they play—you don’t want to miss a spot on the floor or a loose building block later on! Keep these kinds of spaces bright and you’ll be good to go—plus, the room will be a more enjoyable place to spend time in!

A revitalized kitchen, breakfast nook or dining room

To make mealtime prep easier or to simply improve your view as you cook and eat, add a large custom window! It well let in light and serve as a focal point when entertaining friends and family.

A wall art substitute

We all love to dress up our homes with beautiful wall art—but what do you do when the view outdoors is even more breathtaking? If you have a pool, garden or waterfront view you want to show off, frame it with a wide window that will give you and your guests a point of visual interest to enjoy.

A comfy place to nap, read and reflect

You can cozy up to a new point of view by adding a window to your favorite relaxation spots. Design your space around a window that will serve as the starting point for a comfy window seat or living area. You will be able to relax and unwind while enjoying your favorite outdoor view.

An indoor green space

To bring your favorite parts of nature indoors, frame a large window with house plants and succulents that will keep your home feeling light, fresh and peaceful.

Are you feeling inspired? At White Aluminum, we specialize in custom windows that do more than just showcase a beautiful view—they’re storm resistant, energy-efficient and can benefit your home in a big way. Call us today and find out more! 

Orlando Custom Windows: Why We Love Big, Beautiful Displays

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