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New Treatments For Your Florida Replacement Windows

Are you in a rut when it comes to dressing your windows? Maybe the bright summer sun’s starting to warm up your rooms a little too much, or maybe your plain white curtains or blinds just aren’t cutting it anymore. Check out these window treatment trends for a welcome change.

Blackout shades. It’s understandable—you want some sun, but sometimes it’s just way too hot to enjoy! Installing blackout shades is a quick fix to this in any room of your home, as they can be easily pulled to let in the light when you want it, and shut when you don’t. Blackout shades are great for nurseries and family-rooms-turned-movie-theaters.

Add some color. In any room, with any design style, adding color to your windows can add warmth and pizzazz to an otherwise monotone room.Neutrals aren’t the only way to go, especially in kids’ rooms or living space where there’s a lot of wood and not a lot of pattern. Unlike your wall color, your curtains can be switched out from season to season or whenever you’re feeling like doing a redesign, so springing for color curtains can be as temporary (or lasting!) a choice as you want.

Plantation style. Just like blackout shades, plantation shutters can let the light in when you want and shut it out when you don’t. The broad shutters add some southern charm to your home, and look especially great with coastal design themes.

Hardware-centric drapes. You might want your drapes to blend in seamlessly with your wall, to be as unassuming as possible. But sometimes you can make a big statement, just by showing off that often-hidden hardware! Grommet top curtains, a relatively new trend, have holes along the top that run through a curtain rod, forming soft pleats. You can also opt for tab top curtains—similar to grommets, they run through a visible curtain rod. But instead of featuring sewn-in holes for the curtain rod, tab tops have separate loops. Attach some jumbo-sized buttons to these loops and you’ll have a fun look perfect for any kids’ room or nursery!

New Treatments For Your Florida Replacement Windows

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