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How to Properly Clean a Patio

Whether you’re getting ready for an up and coming barbecue or finally getting around to spring cleaning, we’re here to help!

Cleaning can be a daunting task if you’re not sure where to begin, or if you haven’t done it in ages (Don’t worry; we’re guilty of this too). But you’ll be surprised how easy it is if you break it down step by step! In fact, you might even look forward to next year’s spring cleaning.

The first step to a clean patio is decluttering! Remove any and all broken items, or anything out of place. If you can, we recommend removing everything from the patio.

Now that we have a bare space to work with, it’s time to sweep, sweep, sweep! Sweeping will remove excess dirt, leaves, bugs and other unwanted debris from the patio. After you’re done sweeping, we recommend either washing the patio down or mopping it with a stiff broom.

There are a few solutions you can mix for mopping depending on the type of patio surface you have.  

Concrete Patio: Mix one cup bleach into a bucket of water, for an extra dirty patio use an undiluted bleach, or if your patio is fairly clean, use a simple soap. If you’re using a bleach solution, rinse the patio again in the morning.

Stone Patio: Mix one cup of soda crystals with a bucket of water. Double check with your stone manufacturer to make sure a specialized cleaner is not needed.

If you removed patio furniture and other belongings, let the patio dry before placing them back on the patio. 

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