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How to Grill the Perfect Fish Fillet

The summer months are the perfect time to head to the beach or spend a day on the boat. If either of these two activities are on your agenda for the summer, why not cast a line and bring home a fresh catch of the day for dinner?

There is absolutely nothing better than freshly caught, grilled fish, and with our quick and simple tips, you’ll never lose another fish fillet through the grates of the grill, or struggle to peel the fish off of the grill.

1) Extra Flakey

Fish tastes better when it’s extra crispy and flakey on the inside, while remaining perfectly juicy on the inside. This result is easy to obtain, we promise! If you’re grilling salmon, swordfish, tuna or other similar “beefy” fish, grill directly on the grates of the grill. It’s recommended to use a foil packet for delicate fish such as tilapia.

2) Perfectly Flipped

Fish sticking to the grill can be absolute nightmare, but don’t worry, it’s easily avoided by properly cleaning the grates of the grill prior to cooking, and patting the fish dry with a paper towel in order to get rid of moisture. If there are extra, hard to remove particles on the grill, turn it on to a high heat, and loosely cover the grates in aluminum foil. Remember to remove the aluminum foil after 10 to 15 minutes; the extra debris should have fallen by then.

3) Season the Fish

Seasoned fish will always test better than plain fish, and it will grill easier too! You don’t need to get out of control with seasoning, simply rub both sides of the fish with oil, and sprinkle with a freshly ground peppercorns and sea salt. Seasoned fish will be more resistant to sticking than non seasoned fish, thus making it easier to flip.

4) When do I flip?

Place the fish on the grill with the skin side down, and do not flip until it looks nicely seared and crisp. If you can’t tell when it’s ready, then gently lift up the end of the fish with a small fork or spatula. You will also know the fish is ready when it flips easily.

Are you an avid fish griller? Share your own tips and tricks with us on our White Aluminum Facebook page! We would love to hear from you!

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