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Benefits of Natural Lighting

Florida rooms are an excellent tool for increasing a home’s square footage but also useful for maximizing the amount of natural light it receives. Natural lighting offers several healthy benefits including aiding in the production of vitamin C in your body.

  1. Increased Happiness

    There have been several studies over the last few years investigating correlations between daily sun exposure and positive moods. Scientists discovered that an increase in sun exposure is more than likely to improve an individual’s mood! Natural sunlight helps regulate our circadian rhythm as well as assists in protecting us from depression.

    Natural lighting also helps prevent vitamin D and B1 deficiencies in your body. Skin produces vitamin D as soon as it is touched by the suns’ rays. Vitamin D is also said to aid in the prevention of depression, expedite vitamin and mineral absorption as well as a cancer preventer.
  2. Creates a larger, more welcoming space

    Homeowners sometimes complain their interior spaces look too narrow and crowded. A simple solution to their woes is natural lighting! It helps create an optical illusion within an interior space by making it appear larger than it is. Natural lighting also eliminates part of the need for fluorescent lights and other unnatural lighting sources. Another added benefit is it creates a more welcoming space for your visitors!
  3. Greener Living

    Consumers reported a 75% reduction in their energy bills by switching to natural lighting sources. When an interior space is lit by an artificial source, it generates heat throughout the space, forcing consumers to use more of their homes air conditioning. A study conducted by the University of Minnesota found that 47% of a home’s energy is used for conditioning.

    Natural lighting will also increase your green footprint since it reduces pollution. Electricity is one of the largest contributors to pollution in our country. Chemicals harmful to humans as well as our environment, such as sulfur dioxide, carbon and mercury are produced when we use electricity.

    If you’re concerned about allowing too much natural light into your home, install a White Aluminum blind system to the windows of your home. Blinds will allow you to choose when and when not to allow sunlight in.

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