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Benefits of Pool Enclosures

Are you thinking of adding a Florida pool enclosure to your home? In addition to extending the length of time throughout the year your family can enjoy the pool, there are several other benefits to adding a pool enclosure to your home.

A pool enclosure will help simplify your life throughout the swimming season. They are a great way to protect your friends and family from annoying pests such as wasps, mosquitoes and bees out of your swimming area. You’ll also never have to worry about cleaning leaves, bugs, and other debris out of the pool.

A huge concern of Florida residents is exposure to the sun’s harmful rays. Sunburns can be extremely painful depending on their severity, and are caused by overexposing the skin to the sun’s ultraviolet light. Depending on the type of screening, you’ll be able to reduce UV exposure by about 40%. However, this doesn’t mean you should stop wearing and reapplying sunscreen on a regular basis! It’s recommended to wear an SPF of at least 15, and you should apply it twenty minutes prior to sun exposure.

Our White Aluminum pool enclosures can be built to complement your homes existing architecture, and are available in white or bronze. We also offer four different style rooflines: flat, hip, gable or dome style.

Did we mention that you’ll save money on monthly, recurring costs such as pool chemicals, tools and equipment?  For more information on a Florida pool enclosure from White Aluminum, contact one of our show rooms or visit us on Facebook!

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