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7 Ways to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

During the spring and summer months, we’re all looking for ways to soak up that fresh air while outdoors—but our air indoors is often another story. To improve the indoor air quality of your home, consider these seven simple tips.

Crack a window

One of the best ways to add fresh air into your home is to, of course, usher it in through a cracked window. However, there’s a reason this is so popular during Florida winters—and a little less so during our summers. Heat and allergens can make it infeasible for some. If the humidity and pollen levels are low, however, you might consider opening your windows at select times of day for a comfy, natural breeze.

Keep your home’s interior clean using a high efficiency vacuum

The buildup of dust particles on your home’s upholstery can cause the air to be less clear. Use a high efficiency vacuum on your carpets, couches and more surfaces to avoid this problem. Also be sure to switch out bedsheets and pillowcases frequently to prevent dust and allergens from accumulating.

Avoid harsh, heavy fragrance products

Harsh products (especially cleaning supplies) can have a negative impact on the air in your home, especially for those sensitive to smells. Use lighter, more natural products or—better yet—make them yourself! You can make many cleaning products from the comfort of home, using supplies you likely already have on hand.

Keep pollutants out

To avoid pollutants filling up the air in your home, don’t give them a chance to “get comfortable” in the first place! Don’t allow smoking indoors, for instance, and keep shoes and other potentially dirty items at the door.

Avoid too much moisture

While humidity is a natural aspect of air, too much moisture can cause problems for the air quality in your home. Use dehumidifiers, run the fan during showers, and follow other measures to keep your home on the dry side.

Change your filters

It’s important to regularly change your air filters in order to ensure proper ventilation. Change once a month or every three months depending on the filter type you’re using.

Add a house plant

Finally, add a house plant! Not only do natural plants look and smell great, they can help to purify the surrounding air in your home unlike anything else.

By following just a few of these steps, you’ll be well on your way to a home with air that’s fresh, cool and breathable—perfect for those warm months ahead!

7 Ways to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

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