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Why Upgrading Windows is a Great Investment

Why Upgrading Windows is a Great Investment

The windows of your home are like Rodney Dangerfield: they get no respect. However, windows do much more than provide a view of the pleasant Florida scenery outside. These essential home amenities help with climate control, contribute to heightened wellness, and keep loved ones and pets safe inside.

Just like other aspects of your property, though, there comes a time when windows must be replaced. This is especially true in older homes with windows that don’t match up to today’s standards. The good news is that replacing old hardware is simple and cost-effective. Read on to discover the major benefits of upgrading your windows.

Windows Improve Comfort and Safety

As mentioned, newer windows are designed with your family’s wellbeing in mind. Modern windows filter out UV rays that are harmful to your health. In addition, these windows eliminate air leaks. Drafts and leaks can cost you big money, especially in the hot and humid summer months.

In recent years, severe weather has been an increasing threat across the Sunshine State. From hurricanes to tornadoes, hail storms, and heavy thunderstorms, it’s essential to keep your property protected against anything Mother Nature can produce. Impact windows in South Florida and across the state greatly reduce the possibility of damage during unpredictable weather scenarios.

Windows Protect Interior Items

Outdated single-pane windows can also damage the inside of your home. Without filtered light, furniture will fade, warp, and prematurely age. Paint on your walls will appear dull and drab over time. Replacing furniture and repainting walls is costly and labor-intensive.

By contrast, high-quality windows, coupled with appropriate window dressings, can keep the interior of your home comfortable and protected year round.              

New windows also improve the environment. Along with saving you money and keeping you more comfortable inside, energy-efficient windows help reduce carbon footprints, contributing to a healthier planet.

Windows Add a “Wow Factor” to Any Room

Today’s high-quality windows are both functional and fashionable. Guests will be impressed by the ambiance your new windows are able to create. In fact, replacement windows in Florida have become increasingly popular in recent years, and it’s easy to see why.

Allowing more natural light into the kitchen or bathroom instantly makes these rooms more inviting. Visitors will appreciate the improved look and feel of new windows in and around guest accommodations.

In addition, windows simply make your home look better when viewed from the street. REALTORs® contend curb appeal is still a major motivating factor for potential home buyers.

Windows Help Increase Property Value

Along with aesthetics, people (guests, potential buyers, and others) will be impressed by the pride of ownership that your new windows demonstrate. That’s partly why experts from both Money Magazine and CNBC television say upgrading to high-quality windows is one of the best home improvements you can make.

For more than 60 years, we’ve helped countless homeowners find property enhancement solutions that match their unique desires and requirements. From Orlando sunrooms, to retractable screen systems, pergolas and ultra-lattice shade, carports in Florida, and much more, we have innovative ideas and products to make your home stand out. Contact us today to discover how simple and affordable it can be to upgrade the windows in your home.

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