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Top Trends in Windows and Doors

Top Trends in Windows and Doors

You might already keep current with the latest design trends in home décor, landscaping, and interior design. But did you know that styles and preferences change for windows and doors, as well?

For 2018, there are many attractive and affordable options available to make your home look and feel like a true safe haven. Here’s what’s new and exciting in windows and doors:

Bold Window Treatments      

Often overlooked when considering overall design options, window and treatments add interest, aesthetics, and efficiency.

From foam-insulated, multi-pane, argon gas-filled, vinyl windows and more, installing high-quality and energy-efficient windows can add up to real savings on your utility bills.

In terms of frames, black has made a comeback this year. This color choice complements other design elements both inside and outside the house.

Curtains have taken a turn toward geometric and colorful patterns. Textures are also popular, as well as velvet and tassel embellishments. This year, attention-to-detail is again taking center stage.

Many homeowners are also giving a second look to natural window treatments. Blinds and shades made of bamboo or woven cotton add a stylish and elegant flair to your windows.

Innovative Door Décor

Since it’s the entryway to your home, the door is among the first things people notice. This year, customized doors are becoming the norm. Options abound in terms of color, glass inserts, hardware and more. With a little creativity and innovation, you can easily create a one-of-a-kind entry experience.

Inside the house, pocket doors have become increasingly popular. These are doors that slide back into the wall, rather than opening in or out. The resulting space-savings are a big plus for many homeowners. In addition, this style ensures everyone has accessible entry into and out of rooms.

Door décor also includes adding seasonal decorative elements such as wreaths. Experts say minimal and bold patterns work best to make an impressive impact. Also popular are warm, metallic accents to door knockers and other hardware.

Bringing the Outside Inside

Call it ‘harmony with nature,’ ‘indoor-outdoor connection,’ or any other term, the fact is people are naturally drawn to the out-of-doors. The trouble is, severe weather and other factors (bugs and critters) often make full enjoyment impossible.

Another trend in today’s home design is making it easier to enjoy spectacular views of the landscape while providing safe and easy access to your home’s exterior. That’s why folks are searching for larger windows and glass doors.

French doors and accordion-style doors have increased in popularity in recent years, and that trend is expected to continue. Moreover, a growing interest in sustainable living and energy efficiency has led homeowners to explore options like thermal windows and environmentally friendly materials for these door installations. Some are even opting for innovative solutions such as the integration of smart glass technologies.

In the realm of home improvement, an emerging niche is the patio door replacement service. This service focuses on upgrading and renovating existing patio doors to enhance both aesthetic appeal and functionality. Homeowners are increasingly considering this service to address issues like insulation, security, and outdated designs, ensuring that their homes not only provide a seamless connection to the outdoors but also meet modern standards for comfort and sustainability.

Expansive Glass and Pass-Through Windows

If your home doesn’t feature a sliding glass door, you can still reap the same benefits by installing slider, awning, or folding windows that create a pass-through to the outside. Many homeowners find the accessibility of this option to provide great savings of time and effort (for instance, from the kitchen to the deck).

The Florida climate is ideal for outdoor living. Adding a sunroom or bay window provides you with increased sunlight and spectacular views of the great outdoors. Surprisingly affordable, these options add instant value and appeal to your property.

For decades, we’ve been helping Florida homeowners find new joy and comfort in their living spaces. Contact us today to discover the home improvement options available to you.

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