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The Best Roof Options for Sunrooms

The Best Roof Options for Sunrooms

Sunrooms can really transform your home, but to be able to do that to their fullest potential, it’s important to choose the best roof style when you’re designing them.  There are multiple ways you can go about it, but they all have a huge impact on the finished project and how the sunroom will look alongside the rest of the house. An architect or home improvement specialist will be happy to help you with your options and to make the best possible choice.

Not only do they affect the look and practicality of a sunroom, but the roof style will also have a large impact on the build in many cases too. Sunroom installation specialists will always be able to help you choose which the best style for your particular project is, but a good rule to remember is that the more time and complexity that goes into a roof, the more expensive it will likely be when the project is finished. That can really make or break a project and is one of the main reasons that sunrooms are so accessible in the first place.


One of the most popular styles of roof, in general, is a gable roof. This is where the roof is essentially two slopes that meet in the middle. Gable roofs for your sunroom also usually mean that you have more height available to work with inside the room, and you have different options for lighting, too. There’s also the incredible aesthetic from the outside to consider too when working with a gable.

In Longview, WA this type of roof on a sunroom is also popular because of the way it interacts with the rest of the environment. Gable roofs tend to work great in areas where there’s a lot of rain due to their sloped orientation, making them perfect for homes in the Pacific Northwest. Finding the roofing contractor in Longview, WA to get this done for you is a must if you’re looking to build in the area. Just be sure to choose someone with experience in these types of roofs and who has a portfolio you can look at.

Single Pitched

Single pitched roofs are another popular sunroom roof style that people tend to work with. Having just one long pitch is especially popular for more artsy extensions or extensions that will be in keeping with an existing gable from the main property.


Flat roofs are actually one of the quickest to install and cheapest to create options for a sunroom roof. They’re great for keeping costs down and making the benefits of sunrooms accessible to more people, but they arguably don't always look as great as gables or single pitches might. They do however in some cases allow for other creative options to be used alongside them.

Glass Use

Finally, it’s important to remember that for any of these options, it’s also more than possible to incorporate glass use to make them even better. Using glass in the roof, whether it’s a full glass roof, skylights or simple roof design that are mindful of standard window placements really helps to make the sunroom brighter and get more of that wonderful sun throughout the whole day.


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