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Preserve Antique Windows While Maximizing Efficiency

Preserve Antique Windows While Maximizing Efficiency

Many people today are actively seeking older homes to purchase, with the idea of finding a balance between historic preservation and modern-day efficiency. One of the biggest questions these homeowners face is what to do with the existing windows.

While the first thought might be to leave them in place, the fact is that older windows lack many features of today’s models. This results in higher utility bills and decreased function. However, there are ways to maintain the historic feel of a residence while enjoying the comforts of today. Here’s how to get started:

Take a Realistic Approach

In recent years, there’s been much debate about whether or not to replace the windows of older homes. Some people say the high-quality materials used years ago still hold up to the elements. Meanwhile, critics say decades of wear and tear (especially in a humid climate like Florida) have irreversibly compromised the integrity of the windows, making them unsafe for occupants.

Avoid hearsay by scheduling an energy audit. This is when a professional inspects the home using the latest technology that can check for air leaks and more. It’s also wise to note that, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, newer windows are up to 70 percent more efficient at reducing heat than older models. That adds up to real savings over time, especially in the hot and humid summer months.

Explore Other Ideas

It’s possible to appreciate the aesthetic value of older windows without compromising modern function. For instance, some homeowners choose to create wall art from these antiques. Others turn the unwanted older material into cash by visiting a store specializing in architectural salvage.

Replacement windows in Florida are essential to guaranteeing maximum comfort and safety. In addition to the mentioned energy savings, new windows are designed to block the sun’s harmful UV rays. Manufacturers of older windows never took that into account, mostly due to lack of research at the time.

Prioritize Salvage Goals

As you perform your own research, keep in mind the costs associated with attempting to maintain older windows. Along with the mentioned reduced efficiency, glass that has been baking in the hot Florida sun for decades is more prone to breakage and leaks.

Some homeowners purchase older properties with the intention of hosting tours, establishing a bed and breakfast, or other endeavors. In this regard, you owe it to your guests to maintain a safe and comfortable experience.

If you plan to live in the home, upgrading windows to the latest style and function shows friends, family, and loved ones that you care about their health and well-being enough to install modern conveniences.

Find the Perfect Balance

One of the biggest concerns homeowners (and historical preservation committees) have with older homes is how best to preserve the historical significance of the property, while performing necessary upgrades (safety, structural integrity, energy efficiency).

The fact is that there are a variety of eye-catching replacement window options. A skilled and qualified professional can customize and install this hardware without compromising the historic look or feel of your home.

Over the course of our more than six decades of continuous operation, we’ve seen a wide variety of homes. This extensive knowledge and expertise has helped us ideate and implement the best property enhancement solutions for each individual project in which we’ve been involved.

Our innovative and affordable products are designed to put your property in the best possible light. From replacement windows, to Florida rooms, pool enclosures, awnings in Orlando and the surrounding region, storm protection/security, and much more, our friendly and knowledgeable team members are glad to work with you to match your desires and requirements. Contact us today to get started.



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