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5 Ways to Protect Your Florida Home This Hurricane Season

5 Ways to Protect Your Florida Home This Hurricane Season

Did you know that the height of hurricane season spans from mid-August through October? Fortunately, there are still many ways to safeguard your Florida home from potential storms. Just read on to see five simple solutions for hurricane shutters in Florida.

Install impact windows for permanent protection

In the Sunshine State, these are sometimes referred to as “hurricane windows” or "hurricane shutters" because they serve as storm protection against approaching hurricanes and replace the role of shutters and other features. (However, in Florida, impact windows are especially helpful all year-round because they protect your home from everyday summer storms, all while keeping your home cool and cutting down on your energy bill!)

Many homeowners opt for impact windows because they provide permanent protection against debris. They can be easily installed by our team, and then you never have to think about fortifying your windows again. Plus, impact windows come with the added benefit of being able to see outside your home during a hurricane!

Secure your home with storm shutters

Storm shutters can cover large openings such as sliding-glass doors and picture windows in a way that lesser solutions, such as plywood, simply can’t—plus, when these storm shutters or panels are not in use, they can be easily stored in your garage, ready to be installed the next time a potential hurricane arrives.

Add versatile accordion storm shutters

Accordion shutters are similar to traditional storm panels when in use—however, during the rest of the year, they fold (like an accordion) into the sides of your windows. The result? An easy, one-person-job installation before the storm!

Fortify your garage with a garage door brace

Don’t forget about the largest opening to your home, the garage door! While your garage door may be made of quality materials, it can still benefit from a sturdy garage door brace that prevents the door from flexing in on itself in high winds.

Remove potential debris

In addition to these helpful storm protection solutions, be sure to clear your home’s exterior of any potential debris—overgrown trees, patio furniture, toys and other items that could blow around in the wind. This is a simple final step that will help you enjoy peace of mind throughout the storm.

For these storm protection solutions and more, call White Aluminum & Windows today. With more than 60 years of experience in improving Florida homes, we look forward to the chance to ready yours for the storm, or help with any additional projects you may have.

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