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Keeping Your Hurricane Shutters In Excellent Condition

Keeping Your Hurricane Shutters In Excellent Condition

Living in Florida has many benefits – beautiful views, scenic drives, cool ocean breeze on a hot day, and beach day is every day for most of us. But as nice as the weather can be, it can turn quite ugly if the storm conditions are right. All of us need to take the proper measures to keep our property safe from the extreme climatic conditions and this includes proper maintenance of your hurricane shutters.

Storm Shutters are your homes first line of of defense against wind and rain from a Florida hurricane. However they need to be inspected and maintained on a regular basis to ensure they stay working properly. Below are a few tips we have provided to help you extend their life and ensure your home is protected this storm season.

Inspect Storm Shutters Annually

Having your storm shutters inspected at least once a year BEFORE hurricane season will give you an opportunity to ensure everything is in working order. If not, you can make sure you get them repaired or replaced so you are not left with broken hurricane shutters in the middle of bad storm.

Shutter Maintenance

There are a few things you can do to keep your shutters maintained yourself as well:

  • Visually inspect the tracks and any permanent shutters at least 3 times a year. Remove any debris in the tracks and from behind the shutters.
  • Open and close the shutters twice a year to ensure everything is working properly. This will allow you to notice a problem before storm season is near and get it fixed.
  • Use warm water and a mild detergent to clean the shutters you can reach safely. If you have shutters on upper windows or have heavy mildew you may need to bring in the pros to clean them.


With regular maintenance your storm shutters can stay in excellent condition and provide you peace of mind for many more years to come. If you need an inspection or repair of your hurricane storm shutters, reach out to and request a free estimate. We proudly service most of Central Florida as well as the Treasure, Space, Gold and Gulf coasts.

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