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Central Florida Home Improvement: Cleaning Your Outdoor Space

Central Florida Home Improvement: Cleaning Your Outdoor Space

So, you've finally tackled the toughest tasks of spring cleaning: the kitchen, the bathrooms, the hall closet that hasn't been sorted in more than a couple of months.

It's a great feeling to check another item off your to-do list, but why stop there? Transitioning to outdoor cleaning projects is a way to facilitate fun and relaxation indoors and out. Plus, of course, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that your outdoor cleaning tasks will likely be a little easier and more enjoyable than indoor projects--after all, who wants to be cooped up indoors on a warm spring day?

Take a look at today's blog to see some of our favorite ways to prep your outdoor space for the spring and summer months ahead!

Sort through outdoor items

Don't take it for granted--your outdoor space can accumulate mess and clutter like any other room in your home! That can come in the form of old gardening tools, seldom-used kids' toys, broken lawn chairs... whatever it may be. You might also notice that your furniture pieces themselves could use some TLC (or a replacement altogether). Now is the time to sort out your items into giveaway, keep, and trash piles. As you do so, clear them away from your patio or main entertaining space so that you can free up space for the deep cleaning that's to come.

Hose down your space

Speaking of deep cleaning--you probably won't need much elbow grease or added ingredients for this step, besides the strength of a good water hose. Hose down your space to get rid of stains, accumulations of dirt, stray leaves, and other imperfections. The idea is that, by the time you're through, you should be left with a sparkling space ready to serve as the drawing board for new décor and outdoor additions to shine through.

Give hard-to-reach spaces extra care

The hose wash-down might not work for every spot in your yard. Hard-to-reach spaces may need some added TLC, so pay attention to tight corners or spaces like your gutter to check for damage, critters, excess debris, etc.

Invest in a great set of furniture...

By this point, you've put a lot of effort to creating an outdoor space that shines. So it deserves the best set of furniture you can find!

Spend some time searching for options that 1) are made with stylish, durable materials and 2) serve you and your family, whether that means a full dining room set or more livable, overstuffed couches and armchairs.

... and other outdoor features

Finally, you have a chance to get a little creative! Once you're happy with the look and functionality of your space, you can dress it up even further with fun additions (ranging from fire pits to a cool-shade pergola for an oasis-style, hideaway effect).

Cleaning your outdoor space is like giving it a fresh new look, turning it into a blank canvas for warm-weather additions like pool renovations, pergolas, patio covers, and anything else you may be considering. Call White Aluminum today to see how we can help!

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