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A Hurricane Season Refresher From Your Florida Storm Protection Pros

A Hurricane Season Refresher From Your Florida Storm Protection Pros

Hurricane season may be right around the corner — but by taking a few preventative steps now, the summer doesn’t have to be a stressful one! If you’re a longtime Floridian, you are probably used to the hurricane hustle and bustle by now… but of course, we could all use a refresher from time to time. Just read on to see some of our top reminders, from Florida storm protection you can count on, to other ways you can safeguard your home and family in the months ahead.

Opt For Stress-Free Stocking Up

The best time to start stocking up for a hurricane is before one ever forms! To avoid rushing to the store before a potential storm, the experts recommend keeping a well-stocked collection of hurricane supplies (think batteries, flashlights, and first aid) as well as non-perishable foods (think bottled water, canned soup, crackers and other snacks, and pet food, too). Designate a corner of your closet as your hurricane stash so you can enjoy peace of mind all season long, knowing that you are ready to weather the storm should one ever arise.

Secure Your Home With Florida Storm Protection…

When it comes to protecting your home from the elements, you have many options to consider — and White Aluminum & Windows can help with them all!

The most effortless option, hurricane-resistant impact windows, protect your home without any extra work on your part — making them especially helpful for those who want to avoid putting up (and taking down) shutters during every storm. Rolling, accordion, and Bahama shutters also provide protection that is built into your home when not in use — you just need to activate them with a quick movement, and you’re good to go!

… And Reap Year-Round Benefits

With certain storm protection options, like impact windows, you can enjoy serious benefits all year long — not just during hurricane season! Consider new windows if you’re looking for a way to save on your monthly energy bill, enjoy a greater sound barrier between your home and the outside, and more.

Prepare Mentally, Too

In addition to safeguarding your home from the possibility of bad weather, you will want to do the same for your mind, too! By making a plan and checking items off your storm prep to-do list, you can head into hurricane season with peace of mind. Many people also find calming benefits in activities like coloring books and small crafts, which you might find helpful to have on hand!

We hope that these tips help you prepare for a worry-free hurricane season! Whatever the weather may bring, these safeguards will help grant you peace of mind all summer long.

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