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Why Pools In Florida Are Enclosed

Why Pools In Florida Are Enclosed

Florida homeowners install pool enclosures as a safety barrier option when building a backyard pool. Pool cages are very common in central Florida due to the pool safety requirements. They also provide an excellent barrier to bugs and harsh sunlight. Some of the best features of a screened pool cage is that it provides security from both debris and unwanted visitors (yes even alligators). They can help keep bugs and other tiny animals away from your pool area.

Another benefit to having a pool cage is easier maintenance. Most people will say if you have a Florida pool enclosure installed, it will be much cleaner overall as it helps keep the extra debris out. We all know the Sunshine State never runs out of sunny days, and though most of us would love to go sunbathing, the health of your skin is better off with limited exposure. A screened Florida pool cage will help you enjoy swimming without worrying about those harsh UV rays.

Having an enclosed Florida pool actually helps save a bit of money too. Water evaporation and pool cleaners are one of the biggest costs of owning a pool. By keeping your pool enclosed, it can reduce the amount of
evaporation, ensuring you aren't constantly dousing your pool with chemicals to keep it sanitary and clean. It helps the cleaner you do use last longer. Algae growth is pretty in natural setting, but not usually welcomed in your pool. Having a pool enclosure will help reduce algae growth significantly.

Finally perhaps an often overlooked aspect of enclosed pools is the aesthetic element it can add. Enclosing your pool can look very appealing with a backdrop of local plants and other elements. It's a great way to create a welcoming space in your home, outdoors.

White Aluminum has been building pool cages for well over 60 years. If you're ready to get started on your Florida backyard getaway, let us help design a pool enclosure for you. Schedule a free consultation today.

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