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2022 Trends in Home Improvement

2022 Trends in Home Improvement

Since the pandemic, remodeling has evolved into one of the most popular industries. More and more homeowners are making improvements to their properties every day. 

The surge of interest in remodeling is largely the result of increased time spent at home. In addition to being a haven to relax and recuperate, homes today are also remote offices, schools, and more. 

It is no surprise that homeowners are investing in worthwhile home improvement projects that are rewarding and fulfilling.

Roofing, painting, flooring, siding, and windows are just some of the projects dominating remodeling trends. These projects can enhance the functionality and aesthetics of a home, and  also significantly boost real estate values.

Below are some of the most popular trends in real estate remodeling and renovations, in 2022.

Attractive Outdoor Kitchens

After being cooped up indoors for the last two years, many families have adopted significant lifestyle changes. Many have found themselves spending more time outside. 

As a result, a rising trend is a demand for fully functional outdoor spaces, such as an exterior kitchen with an oven, grill, furniture, and more. The focus is on creating an outdoor experience that takes dining and entertaining to a whole new level. 

Stylish and Updated Flooring

Flooring renovations are incredibly popular now, too, with a vast selection of chic and versatile options. Updating flooring with driftwood finishes, bleached woods, or natural wood colors can give any indoor space more character, texture, and color. 

Not only that, but brand-new flooring can also boost the value of a home, especially in the current fast-growing real estate market.

Get Closer to Nature with Gorgeous Windows

Homeowners are seeking ways to connect with the outdoors now more than ever before. Installing windows, doors and wall glazing are some of the in-demand renovations rising in 2022. 

Replacing existing windows and doors with an oversized glass window unit to fill the entire wall has become a popular trend. This offers the benefit of not only making your space brighter but providing a more spacious feeling. 

Replacement vinyl windows are becoming a preferred choice, as they are versatile and low maintenance with a wide range of options for every room. 

Adding custom windows or doors not only enhances the visual appeal of a home, but also come with many other benefits, including:

  • Energy savings
  • Stunning views 
  • Improved well-being by being closer to nature
  • Increased protection from harsh elements

Homeowners are also customizing their decor by using vinyl frames available in a wide variety of colors.

Increased Focus on Sustainability and Wellness

Adding a new room to create flexible spaces for an enhanced quality of living is catching on with homeowners as well. Families are gravitating towards making their homes more wellness-focused today. 

From stunning sunrooms, to Zen gardens and pergolas, to smart appliances, the renovations are aligned with intentions to create spaces that bring joy and reprieve. 

An increased preference for sustainability leads to demand for energy-efficient and eco-friendly materials, such as cork flooring, glass, bamboo, and more. Homeowners are also upgrading their appliances and HVAC equipment to maintain a healthy environment and indoor air quality.

These home improvement trends in 2022 are sure ways to increase a new love for your home. By making these changes you can create a beautiful space and increase the real estate value of your home today!

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