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Warming Up Your Florida Pool for Fall

Pool enclosure

A pool enclosure is a multipurpose solution to consider for your pool and backyard entertaining space. Such an enclosure can keep your pool and patio area clean and free or debris like leaves, seeds and large bugs, making swimming and spending time outdoors more enjoyable. Your pool enclosure can also keep your pool warmer during the fall and winter months! This is because an enclosure prevents heat evaporation, keeping your water warmer for wear (and of course, more comfortable!). Pool enclosures can be as simple as screens supported by metal structures, or as elaborate as
greenhouse style systems that completely block out the outside elements.

Because a pool enclosure on its own may not be able to provide the extra warm water many homeowners prefer, you can also use an enclosure in tandem with the other pool heating methods we discuss later on.

Pool cover

A pool cover is the perfect solution for homeowners who perhaps don’t plan on using their pool all throughout fall or winter… but want a warm, pleasant swimming experience when they do! A pool cover prevents evaporation like an enclosure, and can “seal in” water, heat, and not much else. A cover will keep your pool’s temperature up while also protecting it from bugs, leaves and other debris. It’s also a great option for those headed out of town this season—it’s a worry free protective barrier that can eliminate the need for regular cleaning during these cooler months, and your cover can be removed as often (or as little) as you prefer.

Pool heater

A pool heater is the most direct and effective form of warming up your pool. Today, most of the pool heating systems you purchase will be programmable—in other words, you can keep your pool extra warm in the fall and winter months and lighten up on the warming factor when spring and summer roll back around. This is a type of flexibility many homeowners prefer for their pools.

Clever landscaping

A bit of clever landscaping may be the least expensive choice for you to consider. At the very least, you can always trim the leaves of overhanging trees that may surround your pool, eliminating the issues of both excessive shade and litter, as well as adding a little bit of warmth to your swimming experience.

What type of pool heating solution you decide on depends on your lifestyle habits, pool use and, of course, budget. While this quick guide may give you a better idea of what solution works best for you, we encourage you to do your research and plan out costs before deciding on an option. And remember—here at White Aluminum we can help you with pool enclosures! Contact us for questions regarding this multipurpose solution, design options, and cost estimates. 

Warming Up Your Florida Pool for Fall

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