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Outdoor Furniture

After your brand new pool enclosure or screened room has been constructed, it’s time to furnish it with pieces appropriate for the outdoors. Sprucing up your new exterior space creates a perfect environment for entertaining guests during barbeques, pool parties, and small get-togethers as well as a serene setting for your morning coffee.

What do we mean by “outdoor appropriate?” The main difference between indoor and outdoor furniture are the weather-resistant materials used in outdoor furniture.

The frames of outdoor furniture are made from a variety of durable materials such as wicker, aluminum, and PVC (polyvinyl chloride).

Wicker furniture is created by wrapping wicker several times around an aluminum frame. Wicker is a material that has been used since ancient Egypt. The wicker most often used in outdoor furniture is synthetic wicker which is just as strong and durable as natural wicker but requires less maintenance. Wicker furniture can be purchased in a variety of colors such as white, tan and shades of black and brown.

Plastic furniture made from PVC is an inexpensive option for decorating an exterior space. It’s easily cleaned with a mixture of hot water, vinegar and dish detergent in a cleaning bucket. Use a rag to wipe down the furniture with the mixture and then spray WD-40 over pieces that have faded, wiping off any excess fluid with a dry rag. One downside of plastic furniture is its increased susceptibility to fading compared to other materials. It may also become wilted due to prolonged sun exposure.

Fabrics used to make cushions for outdoor furniture contain moisture repelling and mildew resistant fibers. The colors of the cushion will also remain vibrant for longer since its fabric is UV-protected. Most cushions are also made with zippers so that you can easily remove the fabric piece and toss it in to the washer for easy maintenance!

What outdoor furniture will you purchase for your home? Send pictures of your newly decorated spaces to our White Aluminum Facebook page!

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