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Florida Pool Enclosures: Good for Heating, Too?

If you have a swimming pool, now might be the best time to spruce it up with a DIY project or renovation. One project could be key to enjoying your pool year-round: a pool enclosure! This handy addition will add time to your “swimming season” and make your backyard oasis more fun for the whole family. Here’s how:

Uncovered, your pool faces direct exposure to the sun. When evaporation occurs, this means heat in the water (especially important in the winter months) is taken away, too. While direct heating options like your standard pool heater will do the job as well, a pool enclosure can supplement any heating effort by retaining warmth in the water.

During winter in Florida, even warm days might not be apt for swimming because of chilly water. A pool enclosure, in tandem with other heating options, can help solve this problem.

Apart from its added heating benefits, your Florida pool enclosure is a great choice all around—aesthetically and functionally. We like the completed look they give to backyards and the distinctive boundaries they set for your property without being too bold or out-of-place; and with your choice of white or bronze finish and four unique styles, you can shape your enclosure to fit your backyard.

We’re able to set up the perfect, custom pool enclosure for your Florida home. Contact us today for a consultation!

Florida Pool Enclosures: Good for Heating, Too?

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